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Your support contributes toward a slowly and steadily expanding selection of the best value dab gear shipped from the USA. RCCtools specializes in crafting custom enail controller setups and has experience designing, painting, and assembling them since 2015. The main goal of this site is to source and offer the best focused collection of value heady dab gear available online. I also love dreaming up with and creating one of a kind custom enail cases not found anywhere else.

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Enail Value | Long-Term:

Don’t get stuck with a generic model or wannabe portable dab nail solution that lacks power and reliability. Electric nail controllers have proven to be the most solid long-term way to heat a dab nail for the vast majority of #dailydabbers. RCCtools’ enail controllers are accurate, stable, and perfect for maintaining steady dabbing temperatures. These internal electronics are industry standard PID and SSR relay technology which have been trusted for decades across multiple industries. RCCtools enails are controlled by the same tech that has been used in such industrial equipment such as pizza ovens plastic molding for years. For more information, see: “How do I know I am getting the best enail for my money?” or see: “A Portable Dab Nail: Is That Even a Thing?”

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How does an enail work on the inside?

An enail controller circuit uses a “PID” algorithm to balance temperature, which is a gold standard in so many appliances besides enails. This algo sends pulses of electricity to the coil depending on the feedback sent back through the coil wires. PID stands for proportional, integral, and derivative. The enail CPU uses the reading of the temperature sensor to adjust the three PID values for the next heating cycle. The PID values work together to determine the perfect amount of energy to keep your nail at your set temperature. You may be surprised to know that an enail can also be used for cooling by reversing the TC sensor wires and adding a Peltier cooler.

compact mini enail controller with heady marble paint finish
Stable & reliable industry standard PID digital controller with temperature readout.
Heat coil plugs into the top to minimize footprint and maximize counter space.
Power cord plugs in back
Individualized marble like paint finish makes each case unique

Marble-ized Heady Finish

A one-of-a-kind marble paint finish is appled to each enail controller case. The marble dipping process produces a truly unique natural pattern each time because of the many factors at play. Each design is it’s own individual, and therefore has no replicas. A shock-resistant ABS plastic case (think LEGO material) protects the electronics. RCCtools also protects all controllers with a fast blowing fuse, just in case. The controllers heat safely and reliably to 650F within 2 minutes with a range up to 1100F.

Standard XLR Wiring Order (Well, Sort Of)

RCCtools uses standard sized XLR plugs, which makes finding replacements easier. Any coil using the same standard wiring order, 120V, and a K-type sensor will work. Find your enail coil wiring here before ordering or we will both be irritated! Trust me on this one, since many customers have come to me with the “wiring mismatch issue” sine 2015. This is when enail companies got the bright idea to start wiring their controllers differently in hopes that customers would actually know what is going on and feel the need to do repeat business.

Affordable #topshelf enail sets since 2015

  • Specializing in customized enail controllers made from found items, 3D printed designs, and marble-ized cases
  • Different XLR plug wiring¬†available to match any standard size XLR heat coil plug on the market
  • Best value of custom enail and dabbing gear with top functionality but yet such low prices
  • Your quick stop to find the most functional heady gear directly from Portland, OR, USA
  • Responsive and attentive customer service with a deep understanding of your needs as a dabber and a customer
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Best focused dab gear selection

  • No need to search and scour the net for the best dabbing setup for your money
  • Easily find solid gear for the daily dabber when in need of something functional and on a limited budget
  • There’s something possible for everyone here. Together we can come up with endless ideas for an amazing heady enail setup
  • Design your own dream enail by sending or emailing your 3D models and/or objects for measurement & analysis.
  • I make rare and limited runs on select enail controller sets and therefore exclusivity may be requested for your one-of-a-kind collector’s piece
  • Why choose RCCtools as your go-to dab gear brand? Read here for more info about the main differences between us vs. them.
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Dab Tech: Enail Convenience

It’s commonly agreed that overall the best way to deliver steady and reliable temperatures to your nail is with an enail. With an electronic temperature display you never have to guess if the dab nail is too hot or already too cold. Electric dab control works perfect for either #stopdropandglobs, “terp-tasters“, or anything in between since you don’t need to master the timing of each or keep charts and graphs handy. Dial in and experiment with your favorite temperatures for each type of concentrate. Dab with CBD, BHO, rosin, distillate, or any other type of extract, since an electronic nail can be tuned for each type. An enail also works very well for vaping or aromatherapy if you cannot legally use cannabis in your state.

Dreams to Reality

RCCtools takes on a wide range of project ideas and would love to hear what you have in mind! Browse the selection to get the ideas rolling or contact through email to discuss your custom project idea. Together we can top off your collection and make your heady dreams come alive! Since 2015, many amazing and happy customers across the globe have trusted their dab setup with RCCtools. See the reviews for more.

Newbies Welcome

Are you new to the “dab game” and still not sure which dab gear you need to make a full set? I get it, the number of options in enails alone can be overwhelming, not to mention accessories as well! Finding the right setup is not as difficult as it may seem. I’m sure we can figure out something that meets or exceeds your expectations with the wide range of enail accessory combinations available.

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Still Need More Info?

Maybe you are looking for more information on heating coil wiring to controllers or to dab nails. Maybe you are wondering what you need to make a complete enail set. Check out the FAQ for answers to these questions and more. If your question wasn’t answered in the FAQ page, there is more information in the blog guide. If you don’t find your answer there don’t hesitate to send a message. Then everyone else who has that same question can get an answer, and then we all benefit.

The simple mission is to offer the most affordable and functional heady dab gear. Each item should have clear value and has it’s own place in a heady dabber’s collection.

Suggest a product that you don’t see here and want to see at the contact page! What flight are you on (#wfayo)?

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