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e-nail controller sets as seen on Leafly, Heady Treasures, Stoner Tool Box, and more
e-nail controller sets as seen on Leafly, Heady Treasures, Stoner Tool Box, and more
e-nail controller sets as seen on Leafly, Heady Treasures, Stoner Tool Box, and more
e-nail controller sets as seen on Leafly, Heady Treasures, Stoner Tool Box, and more
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Your support contributes toward an expanding an ever-growing collection of some of the most heady affordable dab gear online designed and shipped from the USA.

What sets this company apart from other e-nail companies? How do I know I am purchasing the best e-nail for my money?


  1. Convenient, steady electric heating regulated by the same technology that has been used in the pizza industry for decades!
  2. More precise control over temperature ranges whether using SiC or quartz (with or without insert cup)
  3. Will stay usable & maintainable/cleanable longer
  4. Dial in the perfect temp for each concentrate (lower temps for oils with more terpenes and volatility)
  5. Full water filtration (compared to most mods, e-pens, carts, etc.,)
  6. Concentrates have less tar and undesirable plant matter compared to flower
>>>Click here to read more about the difference between using an e-nail vs. a butane torch


  • Endless possibilities– something for everyone
  • Best value in dab gear at an affor-DAB-le price point!
  • Uniquely designed, marble-painted controllers injection molded in Florida, then painted and wired in Oregon.
  • Evolving production & collection of the best complimentary dab accessories to make it easier to find the best working heady gear quickly from the USA.
  • Attentive and responsive customer service
  • Limited runs on select custom e-nails
  • Design your own heady dream-nail! 3D models and physical objects are welcomed to be measured and assessed.
Why choose RCCtools? What sets RCC apart from other e-nail companies? Read more here.
Stable & reliable industry standard PID electronic temperature unit.
Heat coil plugs into the top to minimize footprint and maximize counter space.
Power receptacle
Individualized marble like paint finish makes each case unique

Have your own idea for your dream e-nail enclosure? Feel free to contact or browse the “Custom E-Nail Set Section“. Custom e-nails are often made from found objects such as old toys, etc., to be transformed into a unique and personal heady piece. These can be kept exclusive so you are the only one that owns one (unless someone else makes one of course). If you have an item to be transformed into an e-nail don’t hesitate to snap a few shots and send them over for a quote!

Electronic control of nail temperature is the most convenient & efficient way to achieve reliable, predictable heating for your personal concentrate sessions- Whether CBD, BHO, rosin, distillate, full spectrum extract, or full melt sift! With an electronic temperature controller you never have to guess if it’s ready– or if it’s already cooled down on you. Suited amazingly well for both #stopdropandglobs and/or consecutive smaller “tasters” & everything in-between!


Wondering which nail is best to go with your e-nail setup? Which heating coil works best with which nail? Read more here.

Eliminate or minimize torch refills, spent cans, dead batteries, & worn out parts! An e-nail is much easier to keep fresh and clean than a typical atomizer or cartridge (especially when using a SiC dish which I highly recommend!) and much more economical than disposable pen carts. If you are a daily dabbasseur and/or have frequent group sessions, a custom e-nail is a great option FTW on convenience & style. Shelf that torch (until you need it to remove your gummy ass nail!) and switch to heady steady electric heating from an RCC TOOLS custom e-nail

DBZ Dragon custom e-nail made in America

RCCtools individually paints & assembles custom e-nails in the USA, and can take on a wide range of custom project ideas to top your collection at a reasonable price. Designed, assembled, and painted with many happy customers since 2015, RCCtools controllers are proven reliable by the test of time. Using optimally-tuned PID controllers and solid state relay technology, “the electronic brains” are reliable, safe, and accurate. Customer satisfaction is a priority (see reviews).

triple e-nail heady American customs

Booking a flight to rosin city? RCCtools can help pack with the best collection of value and heady dab gear online sourced from the USA and worldwide. The simple mission is to offer the most affordable dab products that I find to work the best and satisfy my thirst for style. Each item should have clear value and there is something for every dabber’s collection here. I always love to hear your suggestions if you genuinely love a product that you don’t see here.

The Cannaclamp is comparable to a Revlon hair-straightener press that was spliced with Transformer DNA and had nitrous-oxide injected to the engines. It’s the perfect size for pressing kief, dry sift, etc., into a beautiful rosin flow within minutes. No bulky presses or hitting your shins on a hunk of steel that feels like it weighs as much as it’s pressure rating! No storage hassles or heavy lifting with the Cannaclamp. It will work anywhere that US power plugs are located (power banks are also a possibility– contact if interested). 

The main clamping force which can now be replaced with a larger number of clamps (Irwin and Dewalt) in case something happens to yours you can still use the plates on a different clamp as well. 600lbs of force and a smaller plate means easy squishing and more precise temperature controls allow you to dial it in your preferred #dabtech!
Heat plates which are now configurable to 5 degree increments via the integrated PID and get you all the necessary rosin temps from 100F to 300F.
Plate fastening apparatus – keeps the plates nice n’ cozy with the clamps
V2 plates are strong and reliable.
Parchment paper for pressing flower, keif, sift, bubble, etc.,
Mesh bag for pressing flower, keif, sift, bubble, etc.,

The Best Most Effective & Affordable Portable Rosin Press Voted #2 Product by High Times Magazine SCOOP IT UP OR CHECK IT OUT

Don’t see what you came for? Have a question about your flight? The contact page is yours to use! #wfayo?