RCCtools designs, assembles, and individually-paints each custom e-nail-- and is open to making your dream-nail ideas come to life! If you have always wanted to add that proverbial cherry to your #topshelfheadies collection at a competitive price, RCC TOOLS has you covered. Over the course of 3+ years the amount of happy customers far overwhelms any rare hiccups and pride is taken in excellent and prompt customer service. Customer satisfaction is a priority (see reviews). Additionally, each unit is backed by a 1-year warranty.
Electronic control of nail temperature is the most convenient & efficient way to achieve reliable, predictable heating for your personal concentrate sessions- Whether CBD, BHO, rosin, distillate, full spectrum extract, or full melt sift! With an electronic temperature controller you never have to guess if it's ready-- or if it's already cooled down on you. Suited amazingly well for both #stopdropandglobs and/or consecutive smaller "tasters" and of course everything in-between.
No more torch refills, spent cans, dead batteries, or worn out parts-- & much easier to keep fresh and clean than a vape pen atomizer (especially using a SiC dish). If you are into concentrates, a custom e-nail is a great option FTW on convenience & style. Shelf that torch (until you need it to remove your gummy ass nail!) and switch to heady steady electric heating from an RCCtools custom e-nail. Portable versions are still projected for 2018 which will enable on-the-go and outdoor sessions with that good ol' e-nail-level-dab!
Each custom e-nail is equipped and tested with appropriately-tuned PID controllers & standard SSR tech., you can be assured that the vital electronics are very reliable, safe, and accurate for many many sessions down-the-line.

Booking a flight to rosin city? RCC TOOLS can help “pack” with a small but effective selection of the finest and most affordable US-soured & US-machined rosin plate options. Both options are available so the rosin plate section has you you covered no matter if you are a home hobbyist or a commercial processor.

FEATURING THE AMAZING CANNACLAMP professional portable rosin press, which is a self-contained FULL rosin press in one handheld unit! This professional-grade press allows you to bypass the assembly & storage of a bulky hydraulic or pneumatic rosin press. The CANNACLAMP is comparable to a Revlon hair-straightener on Transformers that are also on robo-steroids!

WHAT A WORLD! Now, (if you live in a legal area) you can easily provide for yourself solvent-less concentrates/extracts (sometimes referred to as rosin or solvent-less hash oil — SHO for short). Not only that, but any seed oil or essential oil may be pressed for dietary or other bodily needs can be ‘cold pressed’ (press with low heat)– not just cannabis trichomes but other healthy and legal plants as well. In fact you can produce olive oil, flax oil, sunflower oil, hempseed oil, etc.,

The CANNACLAMP portable rosin press is a great option for those who are looking to upgrade their setup, but don’t want to invest too much time and space. Look no further for an effective happy-medium for your short-run / small-run needs…culinary artists and holistic practitioners your ideas and thoughts are highly encouraged!

By ordering from RCCtools you get the same matching retail price as directly through any of the partners . Your support goes toward expanding an ever-growing collection some of the most affordable heady dab gear available online from the US! If you see any price discrepancies and would like a price-match, have any suggestions, or custom projects to start, please feel free to drop a line at the contact page.

Accepting Bitcoin Litecoin for glass e-nail dabbers

Currently accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin for custom e-nail trades as well as on all available heady glass! Some other items excluded. Other coins may be transacted upon special request.