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Long Term Value With Electronic nail control

Don’t get stuck with a half baked generic controller or worse: one of the newer portable enail units which might lack power and reliability that you would expect from of a full e-nail. Electronic nail (e-nail) controllers have proven to be the most solid long term solution to heat a dab nail for a large amount of the daily dabbers out there. RCCtools custom enail setups are accurate, stable, and perfect for maintaining steady dabbing temperatures. RCCtools uses the exact same tech that has been used in such industrial equipment such as pizza ovens and plastic parts molding for years. The internal electronics are industry standard PID and SSR relay technology which have been trusted for decades across multiple industries. For more information, see this article on why RCCtools is the best value, and/or why you may prefer an e nail over a butane or propane torch.

Many Thanks, #dabfam!

Your support contributes toward a slowly expanding selection of the best value in heady electric nail controllers and dab gear shipped from the USA. You may have landed here looking for a enail bundle set or just some replacement dab accessories. Along with sourcing all of the essential dab accessories you may want and need, RCCtools has years of experience designing, painting, and assembling custom enail controller setups for heady collectors all over the world. The main efforts go into sourcing and designing (and marketing) the best focused collection possible online for your enail and dab accessory needs. Other than that, ample time is spent dreaming up and designing custom enail cases that are chock-full of style and unique and/or nostalgic character.

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Dabbin w/ the Dragon...

The Shenron Dragon e-nail will be your heady genie and light your fire on command and without fail. Summon the cosmic powers of Shenron and unleash your dankest destiny!

How does an electronic nail work on the inside?

An enail controller unit uses a “PID” calculation to balance temperature based off of signals coming from a sensor in the heat coil. The PID formula is the gold standard in many other heating and cooling appliances besides just enail controllers. PID allows for accurate calculations of energy adjustments based on temperature. The CPU gets readings from the sensor in the heat coil and then sends pulses of electricity to the heat coil according to the feedback from the sensor.

What does PID stand for?

PID stands for proportional, integral, and derivative. The CPU of the enail uses the reading of the temperature sensor to adjust these three values and correct for the next heating cycle. Proportion, integral, and derivative all work together to determine the perfect amount of energy to keep your nail at your set temperature. Now you know how your enail works, and Bill Nye would be proud. Another fun fact: you may be surprised to know that your electronic nail controller can also be used for cooling by simply reversing the sensor wires and adding a cooling element instead of heating.

Individualized Paint Finish

RCCtools applies a unique marbleized paint finish to each and every compact enail enclosure. The marble dipping process produces a truly unique natural pattern each time because of the many factors at play. Each design is it’s own individual, and therefore has no replicas. A shock-resistant ABS plastic case (think LEGO material) protects the electronics. RCCtools also protects all controllers with a fast blowing fuse for your peace of mind. Electronic nail controllers heat safely and reliably to 650F within 2 minutes with a temperature range up to 1000F for the hottest dabs you could possibly want.

All electronics are the same regardless of whether it’s a mini e-nail or custom character e-nail. The analog controllers are the only exception.

Industry Standard XLR Wiring Order --- Used Among Top Brands

RCCtools uses standard sized XLR plugs found in many of the other top brands. Using a standard wiring order makes finding matching replacements easier for those using these brands (see unconfirmed list here at bottom). Any coil using the same standard wiring order, 120V, and a K-type sensor will work. Find your enail coil wiring here before ordering or frustration will be in order on both ends. Trust me on this one, since many customers have had this wiring mismatch issue since 2015. This was about the time when some enail makers got the bright idea to start wiring their controllers differently in hopes that customers would be stuck doing repeat business with them.

Affordable #topshelf enail sets since 2015

Specializing in customized enail controllers made from found items, 3D printed designs, and marble-ized cases. Why choose RCCtools enail controllers?

  • Different XLR plug wiring available to match any standard size XLR heat coil plug on the market
  • Best value of custom enail and dab gear accessories with top functionality and affordable pricing
  • Your quick stop to find the most functional and heady gear directly from Portland, OR, USA
  • Responsive and attentive customer service with a deep understanding of your needs as a dabber and a customer
RCCtools Grateful Smokey 420 Blunts Tee

Best focused enail & dab gear selection

RCCtools has the #dailydabber covered from A-to-Z. There’s no need to search and scour the net for the best dabbing setup for your money shipped from the USA. You will easily find what you are looking for, whether in need of something functional, heady, or a replacement part on a limited budget.
There’s something possible for everyone here. Together we can come up with endless ideas for an amazing heady enail setup.
Design your own dream enail by sending or emailing your 3D models and/or objects for measurement & analysis.
I make rare and limited runs on select enail controller sets and therefore exclusivity may be requested for your one-of-a-kind collector’s piece.
Why choose RCCtools as your go-to dab gear brand? Read here for more info about the main differences between us vs. them.

Dreams to Reality

RCCtools takes on a wide range of project ideas and would love to hear what you have in mind! Browse the selection to get the ideas rolling or contact through email to discuss your custom e-nail project idea. Together we can top off your collection and make your heady dreams come alive! Since 2015, many amazing and happy customers across the globe have trusted their dab station design with RCCtools. See the reviews for more.

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Newbies Welcome

Are you new to the dab game and still not sure which dab gear you need to make a full set? I get it, the number of options in enail controllers alone can be overwhelming, not to mention accessories as well! Finding the right setup is not as difficult as it may seem. I’m sure we can figure out something that meets or exceeds your expectations with the wide range of enail accessory combinations available.

Still Need More Info?

Maybe you are looking for more information on heating coil wiring to controllers or to dab nails. Maybe you are wondering what you need to make a complete enail set. Check out the enail FAQ for answers to these questions and more. If your question wasn’t answered in the FAQ page, there is more information in the blog guide. If you don’t find your answer there don’t hesitate to send a message. Then everyone else who has that same question can get an answer, and then we all benefit.

The simple mission is to offer the most affordable and functional heady dab gear. Criteria are that each item must have clear value and have it’s own functinoal place in any #dailydabber’s heady collection.

Suggest a product that you don’t see here and want to see at the contact page! What flight are you on (#wfayo)?

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