aquafire electric nail
e-nails custom made in America
compact e-nail set


Each signature marble-ized e-nail has a fingerprint-like individuality and character, due to the surprising nature of the hydro-dipping process. Color combos are narrowed down mostly by inspiration from nature and artistic intuition; however, you may also feel free choose your own color sets! To do this please visit the contact page (1-2 colors are free…for 3-4 colors $11 will be requested thru PayPal). In addition to custom color options you may also submit found objects for e-nail transformation!

In addition, the marble-ized painting process for each signature compact marble-ized e-nail naturally produces a texture that has the ability to resemble mineral grains, wood grains, whirlpools, volcanic events, nebula formations and other various natural occurrences. A wellspring of inspiration is available for color variations that come from areas such as geology, waterways, outer-space, marine life, and more. Different colors and techniques can be harnessed to produce a unique style that is unique to your taste, and also quite impossible to duplicate!

Have another heady idea for a different custom e-nail enclosure than what you see available? The custom e-nail sets offered in the “Duals & Customs” section are often made from found objects such as old toys and other ideas that customers send in to be transformed into their own e-nail dream project. If you have a custom nail dream of your own to bring to the table don’t hesitate to shoot a message using the contact page.

Here are some heady marble-ized examples or custom e-nail example links for some ideas to help get your project rolling and off-the-ground, if you’d like!

Booking a flight to rosin city? RCCtools can help PACK. A small collection of some of the most affordable rosin pressing gear sourced and machined in the USA, the rosin plate section has you you covered no matter if you are a home hobbyist or a licenced commercial processor.


By ordering everything you need here, you get the same matching retail price as you would directly. Your support then goes toward expanding an ever-growing collection some of the most affordable heady dab gear available online– almost completely sourced in America. If you see any price discrepancies and would like a price-match, have any suggestions, or general comments, please feel free to drop a line at the contact page.
RCCtools designs, assembles, and individually-paints each compact marble-ized e-nail, and is also open to making your dream-nail ideas come to life! If you have always wanted to add that proverbial cherry to your #topshelfheadies collection at a competitive price, RCC TOOLS has you covered. Additionally each e-nail controller is backed by a 1-year warranty.
Electronic control of nail temperature is the most convenient & efficient way to achieve reliable, predictable heating for your personal concentrate sessions- Whether CBD, BHO, rosin, distillate, full spectrum extract, or full melt sift! With an electronic temperature controller you never have to guess if it's ready-- or if it's already cooled down on you. Suited amazingly well for both #stopdropandglobs and/or consecutive smaller "tasters" and of course everything in-between.
No more torch refills, spent cans, dead batteries, or worn out parts-- & much easier to keep fresh and clean than a vape pen atomizer (especially using a SiC dish). If you are into concentrates, a custom e-nail is a great option FTW on convenience & style. Shelf that torch (until you need it to remove your gummy ass nail!) and switch to heady steady electric heating from an RCCtools custom e-nail. Portable versions are still projected for 2018 which will enable on-the-go and outdoor sessions with that good ol' e-nail-level-dab!
Each custom e-nail is equipped and tested with appropriately-tuned PID controllers & standard SSR tech., you can be assured that the vital electronics are very reliable, safe, and accurate for many many sessions down-the-line.
Accepting Bitcoin Litecoin for glass e-nail dabbers