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E-Nail Dab Controller Sets designed and assembled in the USA by RCCtools

E-nail dab controllers are the most efficient, convenient way to roast a nice glob over your favorite nail– whether it be Ti, quartz, or SiC. RCCtools e-nails are guaranteed to be unique, as the original designs cannot be copied exactly twice. Shaped by and inspired by the forces of nature, each e-nail dab controller is as unique as a fingerprint. Designed, assembled, and painted in the USA for over 2 years, RCCtools has the experience needed to bring you the best e-nail possible at a very reasonable price.


Ditch that clunky, obnoxious torch and switch to convenient electric heating from an e-nail dab controller that is time-tested. Using the industry “gold standard” of PID controllers and solid state relay tech., RCCtools e-nail dab controllers are reliable, safe, and accurate– heating to 650F in under 2 minutes and keeping it there. Some other units may take up to 5 minutes to get up to heat, and overshoot close to 100 degrees before they drop back down to desired temps.

Furthermore, it is quite surprising to still see e-nail controllers being sold without fuse protection. See the article WHAT SETS RCCtools APART? for a detailed explanation.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results