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Enail Rig Kits Customized and Bundled In The USA By RCCtools

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The purpose of this site is to offer an expanding selection of the best value in heady and functional e nail controllers and dab gear. Whether you landed here looking for a complete setup or just some replacement parts, you have found the place for affordability, functionality, style, and customer service. RCCtools has multiple years of experience designing, painting, and assembling custom e nail controller kits for collectors all over the globe. 

I strive to provide you with a trusted source for all of the best valued items to complete your setup; as well as quick shipping from Oregon, USA.

High Quality Affordable Dab Gear

All of the most functional and valuable parts can be found here without destroying your budget. Most items here are selected for their value including function, price, and style. 

My e nail cases are designed with style and uniqueness in mind. They all function the exact same as any other digital unit (except of course the analog versions). 

Long efforts go into sourcing and designing the best focused selection possible that remains feasible to sell affordably. Look no further for your custom e nail and dab accessory needs. 

Besides customer service the remainder of the time is mostly spent sourcing accessories as well as dreaming up and designing rad e nail enclosures that are chock-full of fun, character, and style!

Many Thanks, #dabfam!

RCCtools is constantly being updated to include the most functional and affordable dabbing items curated by you and I together to end up with the best value dab kits available online from the USA.

Your support and feedback are valued here. You contribute to a better experience for all who pass by and I appreciate all of your constructive feedback. User input helps make progress for better designs, items, and collections of items based on top function and style at an affordable price. Anyone looking for a good product or service can benefit from the experiences we have and share with the #dabfam

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Best Value in Enail Gear

Don’t get stuck with a generic controller with the same electronics and same old case for twice the price. It may not even be fuse protected! If you are not sure what I mean hit CRTL+F and search for “Why Choose RCCtools” on this page to skip below and read more on why RCCtools is the best value e nail available. The internal electronics in each e nail controller are industry standard PID technology which have been trusted across multiple industries. It’s been cooking your pizzas at Domino’s long enough to work out all of the kinks and issues by now. These bad boys are even used in refrigeration, self driving cars (steering), and more!

Enail Controller: "Open Seas"

Long Term Value Of An Electronic Nail Controller

Many of the newer portable e nail units simply lack the power, reliability, and clean-ability that you would expect from of a full e nail dab kit. Electronic nail (e nail) controllers have proven to be the most solid long term solution to heat a dab nail for a large amount of the daily dabbers out there.

RCCtools custom e nail dab kits are accurate, stable, and perfect for maintaining steady dabbing temperatures. I stick to the same tech that has been used in such industrial equipment such as pizza ovens plastic parts molding, and other industries that have been around for decades. 

Enail Rig Kits Customized and Bundled In The USA By RCCtools

Is An E-Nail Right For You?

An electric nail may not be your ideal solution if you’re in need of a stealthy and portable setup, or if you’re accident-prone. Care should be taken to keep the heat coil cable clear. Making sure the cable and hot heating elements are out of the path of any animals, children, or those who may be unaware of the electrical and heat hazards.

The accident prone needing a stealthy or ultra-portable setup may be interested in something like the Sai Top Airflow atomizer mod if a torch is not preferred. If you have a safe spot for your e nail and are ready to be a diligent owner, read more here on why you may prefer an e nail over a butane or propane torch.


How Does An Enail Work?

An e nail controller unit uses a sensor in the heat coil, referred to as a thermocouple. The thermocouple component changes voltage based on heat energy differences. This value is then stored in the controller’s and used in it’s “PID” algorithm.

The PID formula is the gold standard in many other industries using heating and cooling appliances besides just e nail controllers. PID allows for the most accurate and steady calculations of what the previous temperature was, how much energy was used, and what energy adjustments need to be made in order to hit the set temperature. The CPU then pulses electricity to the heat coil according to the feedback from the sensor. If it needs to cool, the pulses will become longer. If it needs to heat up to reach temperature, the pulses of electricity have longer intervals in between.

What does PID stand for?

PID stands for proportional, integral, and derivative. The CPU of the enail uses the reading of the temperature sensor to adjust these three values and correct for the next heating cycle. Proportion, integral, and derivative all work together to determine the perfect amount of energy to keep your nail at your set temperature. Now you know how your enail works, and Bill Nye would be proud.

Another fun fact: you may be surprised to know that your electronic nail controller can also be used for cooling by simply reversing the sensor wires and adding a cooling element instead of heating.

Individualized Paint Finish

RCCtools applies a unique marbleized paint finish to select enclosures. The hydro dipping process produces a truly unique marble-like pattern. The final design of the enclosure is affected by the numerous factors at play during the hydro painting process. Therefore, each design has it’s own individual “fingerprint”, and therefore can never be replicated 100%. 

A shock-resistant ABS plastic case (think LEGO material) protects the electronics. RCCtools also protects all controllers with a fast blowing fuse for your peace of mind. Electronic nail controllers heat safely and reliably to 650F within 2 minutes with a temperature range up to 1000F for the hottest dabs you could possibly want.

The electronics in each custom e nail all work the same regardless of whether it’s 3D printed, or made from a found object such as an old toy. The only difference is the casing. The the only exception to this are the controllers with a knob and no screen, which are powered by a simple light switch dimmer.

Industry Standard XLR Wiring Order: Used Among Top Brands

RCCtools uses standard sized XLR plugs found in many top brands available today. These brands value part compatibility and long-term usefulness more than they value trying to create an artificial dependency on their proprietary wiring style. Using a standard wiring order makes finding matching replacements easier for those using these brands found at the bottom of the wiring order guide page.

Find your enail coil wiring here before ordering or frustration will be in store for both you and I as well! Trust me on this one! So many customers have had this wiring mismatch issue since 2015. Around then, some enail makers got the bright idea to start wiring their controllers differently in hopes that customers would be stuck doing repeat business. 

Providing Affordable #Topshelf Enail Dab Gear For Years

Specializing in customized enail controllers made from found items, 3D printed designs, and marble-ized cases. Why choose RCCtools enail controllers? Scroll down a little for more information.

  • Different XLR plug wiring configurations are available to match any wiring order for your plug.
  • Best value of heady enail and dab gear accessories balancing function, style, local sourcing, and price
  • A quick stop to find the most functional and heady e nail gear shipped ASAP from the West Coast.
  • Responsive and attentive customer service with a deep understanding of your needs as a person and a customer

Best Focused Enail & Dab Gear Selection

RCCtools has the #dailydabber covered with the best dabbing equipment supply for your money. You will easily find what you are looking for on a limited budget, including the functional as well as the heady. RCCtools can save the day, month, or even your year by finding and/or customizing the ideal setup for you. There are many custom possibilities to offer. Together we can come up with your ideal heady enail dab kit. Design your own dream enail by sending or emailing your 3D models and/or objects for measurement and confirmation of fit. I make rare and limited runs on select enail controller sets; which means exclusivity may be requested for your one-of-a-kind piece if desired.

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Dreams to Reality

I can take on a wide range of project ideas and would love to hear what you have in mind! Browse the selection to get the ideas rolling or contact through email to discuss your custom e nail. Together we can top off your collection and make your heady dreams come alive! Since 2015, many amazing and happy customers across the globe have trusted their dab station setups with RCCtools. See the reviews for more.

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Newbies Welcome

Are you new to the dab game and still not sure which dab gear you need to make a full set? I get it, the number of options in enail controller options alone can be daunting — not to mention accessories as well! Have no fear; finding the right setup is not as difficult as it may seem. I’m sure we can figure out something that meets or exceeds your expectations with the wide range of enail accessory combinations available.

Still Need More Info?

Maybe you are looking for more information on heating coil wiring to controllers or to dab nails. Check out this guide. Have some general questions about e nail kits? Here’s the enail FAQ for some answers. If your question wasn’t answered in the FAQ there’s more in the Dab Gear Info area. 

If you don’t find your answer there don’t hesitate to send a message! After all, others will like have the same question, so we all benefit when your voice is heard. Go ahead and suggest an improvement or product that you don’t see here and want to see by using the contact page.

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Why Choose RCCTOOLS?

Protected Units

Fuse protection is a critical feature for your e-nail. Without a fuse there is no safeguard to prevent dangerous and life-threatening events involving high-amp “mains” power from potentially damaging your electronic dab nail (or your health). The best e-nail models come equipped with fast-blow fuse that could potentially save your life if any of these events were to occur. Fuses are actually dirt-cheap, take up very little space inside the controller casing, and are relatively easy to install. Surprisingly, some online retailers are still selling enail setups that are not fuse-protected. This is a good indicator of how much care went into the design of the e-nail controller. so it’s a good idea to check before purchasing. You definitely want a fused unit for the sake of your safety (and that of others). The best e-nail models also have a small accessible fuse-port that allows for easy replacements.

Glance At The Back

One way to check is to look at the power receptacle itself, which is normally located on the back side of the unit. Some sellers include pictures of this with their product pages. If the receptacle has some space next to the power cord port and there is a fuse symbol there, then it’s almost certain it’s there. If this type of receptacle did not include the fuse, the unit would fail to power-up. This is not to say that the fuse could not be located somewhere else in the case, but if you see the fuse symbol it’s probably there. See the picture below for an example of where to look. If still in doubt, ask the seller to be sure.

Wiring Order/Configuration

Mainly, there are two major wiring configurations for enail heat coils. Both of these typically use XLR 5-pin connectors, but others may be different so keep that in mind. It is important to consider future replacements if you intend on using your electric nail for years to come. When purchasing a replacement heater coil or enail controller, make sure to ask the seller what the wiring is. That way you have it ready when time comes. It is critical to find out if the 5 wires will match on the male and female ends. If not, you will probably damage your gear (at the very least). It is important to make sure your enail controller will be compatible with a heating coil that is standard 5-pin XLR (not mini), and therefore easily obtained in the future.

SSR vs. Mechanical Relay

Some PID controllers use a mechanical relay to send energy (heat) to the heating coil in successive heating cycles. They use switches that click on and off via electromagnetic control. These are fairly reliable, but the best e-nail models use a solid-state relay (SSR). This version is less prone to mechanical failure in the long run. Instead of a mechanical switch, the SSR uses a small LED light and a photo-sensitive resistor to deliver heat in very short pulses. The mere presence of light closes the circuit using this unique electronic component. SSR’s also have the advantage of being totally silent while functioning, compared to the constant clicking of the mechanical relay. That being said, the clicking could be a plus if you need a reminder to switch it off every now and then. An easy way to tell if your electronic nail uses an SSR is to look for the shorter PID controllers with one display line. These normally use a SSR to pulse energy to the heater.

ABS Plastic Cases Over Aluminum:

RCCtools enail controllers are enclosed in an ABS plastic case because it is extremely durable for one (think LEGOS: have you ever come close to breaking one?). It is also a rust-proof material that is non-conductive– protecting the electronic parts against static charge and condensation. It could potentially protect you yourself in case of a spill or other extreme moisture being present.

Industry standard PID controls:

The PID controls used in these e-nails are the industry “gold standard” for many good reasons. They are accurate and precise. Overshoot rarely gets to be over 30 degrees F over the set temp. when powering up– compared to one controller I saw discussed today that overshoots more than 100 degrees F. Once powered up the overshoot is much less (around 10 degrees F). On top of this, I have read reports of one brand taking up to 5 minutes to get up to the set temperature, compared to under 2 min. for RCC TOOLS.

Size & Color Options:

RCCtools enails come in a variety of size options from compact size to original (slightly larger than a standard Chinese model) to dual e-nails. In the compact and standard sizes the electronics are the same. The only differences are in appearance and how the e-nails sit in your space. The compact size is designed with the heat coil coming from the top to save additional surface space compared to the front-end design. The standard size simply allows for more painted area, and a richer design finish. Of course, the dual electronics are the same as the standard size, but doubled to allow for 2 heater coils to be controlled separately for use in rosin press plate applications as well as dual glass rig setups.

Accessories and Add On Options:

Each enail dab kit either comes with options to choose which accessories you want. Some prefer a larger banger, some prefer smaller.  Most prefer a bubble capper; yet some prefer the riptide! Then there are also those who would take the best of both and go for the bubtide. Options for heat coils and holders to keep your coil snug on the banger are also available on the product pages. If you are not sure what would be the best for you, I put together some pre-bundled packages so you eliminate the guess work!

Individually painted:

Each marble-ized finish has unique character that individualizes each controller with it’s own natural “fingerprint” that can never be duplicated in exactly the same way. The final design paint finish can depend on many factors such as time of exposure to wind, air & light, moisture in the atmosphere, swirling/tilting, as well as the various properties of the different paints. Hydro dipping comes from a process that stems from the Asian tradition of suspending pigments on water and creating fantastic images (sometimes mutating these images into other images multiple times) before laying a prepared sheet of paper onto the surface to capture the design. Mastering intentional, well-crafted results takes patience, but it is also fairly easy to get an “average design” that still looks really amazing due to the natural swirling process. Of course this is mainly in the eye of the beholder; but enthusiasts of this art would agree that there certainly are better or worse designs and varying degrees of quality in the finished product depending on skill. Studies of color theory are implemented in bringing forth tasteful yet eye-catching, vibrant color schemes that are drawn from natural forces, outer space, the man-made environment, and other aesthetics.

Over 4 years of experience in the craft:

Since early 2015 RCCtools has been designing, assembling, and painting controllers for heady dabber heads all over the globe. Started from an annoyance for propane torches and empty cans, a goal was set to create an e-nail that didn’t cost $400+. There were only a small handful of American brands, and people still thought t-shirt presses were a good idea for pressing rosin. I was throwing together elementary electronic components trying to create a cheap enail and marble-izing every object that I possibly could in a deep fascination for the technique and the resulting designs.

Fast forward 2+ years and there are dozens of e nail companies flooding the market. RCCtools fell behind in the marketing aspect of things (being clueless about internet marketing at the time) but despite the low visibility continued to create, inspired by the happy and excited customers that did end up finding the site one way or another. If you want to read a little more about me and my journey to here, read more at: about RCCtools.

RCCtools controller units are hand wired

…and each by a single dedicated individual who is focused and dedicated fully to the quality of the electronics in each piece. Each unit is also thoroughly inspected before shipping to prevent time-consuming and costly returns. On top of this, a 2-year warranty is offered to ensure confidence and comfort in your purchase. Your e-nail setup is an investment, and you shouldn’t have to worry about attempting to make returns due to faulty hardware, bad connections, or poor inspection.

Most affordable American made enails on the net:

RCCtools e-nails rely as little as possible on marketing, re-uses packaging materials, uses strategic sourcing, and limited outsourcing, so that the most reasonable prices can be offered. Bulk components are purchased to keep prices down, and minimal paint is wasted in the finish process. An established, streamlined production system keeps labor costs down and final prices low on the best e-nail for your money.

No proprietary or exclusive parts:

All components are standard and can easily be replaced. If you need to replace your heating coil, you can refer to this pin configuration: pin1= ac, pin2=ac, pin3=tc+, pin4=tc-, pin5=ground for both the coils and the controllers. Some manufacturers attempt to keep their coils exclusive, and use non-standard XLR connectors to force you to buy your replacements from them.

No shady sales tactics or cheap tricks:

Only affordable, quality products and verifiable claims. Unlike other companies who have been known to make false claims such as manufacturing their enails in the USA, having a heat-up time that is 3x faster, exaggerating the time in marketplace, exaggerated so-called “wins” in “competitions”, etc., Other companies use shady sales tactics such as following/un-following, publishing biased and/or payed reviews, copying content/plagiarism, false claims, and outright lies to gain sales, which is frustrating to the other honest sellers out there. The number of sellers that simply print their logo on another company’s product, and then pay someone else to write slick marketing content, and another to push it to the top of search results is insane. It is watering down the market. Do your due diligence on any claims made.

Check the Technique

In my opinion, Chinese manufacturers deserve their credit. They have been able to coordinate massive labor and marketing efforts to position themselves as the electronics manufacturing center of today. They can produce the cheapest goods, and are at the same time able to produce the standard of quality that Americans demand. However, unless you’re planning on purchasing bulk electronic components to DIY, going with an enail seller that is located closer to you may avoid some frustration and wait time. Clear and strategic communication is key.

Top Three Reasons To Buy American (if you’re American)

The first reason is that shipping times can be up to 4x as fast compared to from Alibaba etc., especially when some holidays are taking place, which of course you aren’t aware of unless you do a lot of business overseas and keep it on your schedule.

Second, there is a higher chance that domestic customer service will be able to meet your needs much more quickly and efficiently.

Third, in the event that you need to return a unit that was damaged in shipping or not properly inspected, it can be difficult to impossible to ensure that your return package is tracked & accounted-for after it crosses the border. This can lead to high costs trying to track the package, and can leave room for dishonest sellers to disappear after your money is received. Filling out a customs form for an electric dab nail is also a sensitive maneuver, in addition to spending extra time at the post office.

Peace of mind

This is why RCCtools covers the controller electronics so you don’t have to worry about your purchase. I strive to provide the best e-nail products available. I also want you to be informed. This is why I created this e-nail guide: to inform you what to look for and what to avoid.

“Does the e-nail controller come with a decent warranty? For how long?”

A warranty is great for peace-of-mind: covering your e-nail controller from being sent off without proper inspection. The average time on an e-nail warranty is 2-years, and covers the controller only (or has a separate warranty time on the other parts/accessories). The electronics in an electric dab nail are not relatively complex and not especially difficult to manufacture, but mistakes are possible in the mass manufacturing process.

About RCCtools: A Love Of Custom Electronics Since 2011
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