Enail Dab Rig Bundle | Caddy Enail Station

Enail Dab Rig Bundle | Caddy Enail Station:

My enail dab rig bundle is the cheapest and most convenient solution that includes all of the essential accessories and holders to upgrade your dab game.


  • Dab rig stand/caddy enail controller station with attachable tool holder points on bottom
  • Choice of rigs: clear 5″ (10mm) mini vortex rig (including 10mm to 14mm adapter), 5″ (14mm) blue mini vortex rig, or 8″ (14mm) green or clear Klein rig,
  • Free dab rig mat
  • Options to add on your optimal heat coil and nail combination
  • Choice of free quartz or SiC insert ($24.99) (SiC is by far the best I’ve personally tried as far as flavor & clean-ability)
  • Choice of a versatile range of free capper tools (choose your tools & accessories using the menu)
  • Option of adding a free reverse tweezers for grabbing the insert
  • Features:

    • An enail that doubles as a place to keep all your essential dabbing gear in one spot
    • Multiple attachment points on bottom for single stand modules made for: an ISO vial, 14mm banger, capper, and/or q-tip holder to fit your specific needs.
    • Keeps your nail heated consistently & conveniently without needing to guess or time the cool down or buy gas refills
    • High wattage electronics are protected with a “fast blow” fuse
    • Controller dimensions are approximately: 2.5″ (tall) x 5″ (radius)
    • Designed, printed, assembled, and shipped in the USA
    • Made of sustainable PLA plastic material which is a by-product of the sugar industry. PLA is recyclable and even semi-compostable (if buried in soil for a few years or so).
    • Free 2-year warranty on each and every controller


  • Options Price: $0.00
  • Product Price: $99.99
  • Total: $0.00

Essential Enail Dab Rig Bundle Items

It’s easy to get confused about what’s needed to make a full enail dab rig bundle. To start, you’ll need a nail to fit the 14mm joint on your dab rig of choice. After that comes a matching coil to the nail. This, along with the rig and enail controller, and dab tool are the most essential core items in any enail dab rig bundle. Everything beyond this is optional; however it’s highly recommended to pick up at least a capper tool. This alone will add so much to your dab experience and doesn’t cost much. The next biggest thing IMO is adding a couple of pearls (very cheap), then a SiC insert (moderate in price).

Dab Rig Considerations

The dab rig also adds to the experience, but once you have a good recycler it really comes down to the capper and pearls. Many dabbers prefer a mini rig that also prevents splashing, such as the vortex recyclers seen here. Some prefer a larger rig to keep the dab nail further away and within better viewing range. Smaller rigs often offer more flavor with less filtration and mixture of air. On the other hand, a smaller rig can be much easier to tip over. There are ways to help prevent this. As long as the splash protection is taken care of the size only helps with tipping. Smaller rigs are obviously more portable and easier to clean.

Other Important Gear

Other than that it’s extremely handy to have some sort of holder for your tools, q-tips, etc. to keep them all handy and in one place. For more information on the extras that come with this set such as the holders, inserts, pearls, and more check out this handy guide

Care For 3D Printed Items

All 3D printed items must be handled with a reasonable level of care to avoid weakening and/or warping the structure. 3D FDM printing uses a layer-by-layer construction — as opposed to standard injection molding which has no layers but is one uniform piece. Any transport of 3D printed items requires sufficient padding and avoidance of stacking heavy objects on top of these items or around them without sufficient padding and/or bracing.

Please keep 3D printed items out of direct sunlight. Intense direct sunlight a very hot environment may result in slight warpage. Care should be taken to keep any 3D printed away from intense heat (over 90F) or the risk of warpage may increase. In most cases the warpage is very slight and hardly noticeable; but some caution is warranted regarding this.

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