25mm Banger w/ Pin Fastener (Only)

25mm Banger w/ Pin Fastener (Only):

The 25mm banger fits the 25mm axial heat coil perfectly. It features a special pin fastener to secure and hold the coil onto the bottom. Fits like a glove and works like a charm!


  • R-shaped cotter pin for holding your heat coil to the bottom of the banger
  • 25mm outer diameter
  • 14mm male joint to rig size
  • Clear bottom


Why Is 25mm The Standard Size For Bangers?

25mm is the most popular choice for banger size. Most people avoid anything larger because it just seems like overkill for most dabbers who prefer smaller to moderate portions and don’t tend to glob out on monster dabs. For those who leave their set on all day, a larger coil also means a slightly higher electricity bill at the end of the month. A 25mm banger is the best mix between energy bills and efficiency. It just doesn’t make as much sense for most people to go with any larger unless they have concerns about efficiency with large dabs and also have a larger rig to support the extra bulk. This ensures the rig always stays upright and the carpet always stays dry (and un-burnt).

Pin Fastened Banger Safety

The pin fastened banger is probably the most secure option to hold your banger up to your heat coil. Other options such as the bands are also can work well, but may not hold well with bangers that have a certain neck shape. If the neck is too sloped the coil will tend to tilt quite a bit, losing a lot on heat transfer efficiency. The pin below the bucket ensures that you always have a fairly tight fit between the coil and the bottom of your banger bucket.

Not All 25mm Bangers Are Created Equal

Strangely, I’ve found that some bangers out there have their pin hole way too low. This creates an issue when holding the coil on the bottom of the banger, since there will sometimes be quite a large gap. I’ve seen more than a millimeter, which is about the width of a dry grain of rice. Even with this seemingly small gap the heat transfer can be greatly reduced. If you do end up with a gap like this there is one way to fix it. It’s fairly easy to bend the pin itself into a more of a v-shape. This will allow for more holding force when the ends point up and touch the coil’s bottom side.