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Heat Coil and Dab Nail Replacements:

Maybe it’s time for a heat coil replacement, or maybe you’re looking to try out a new nail. Do you need to find how your e-nail box is wired on it’s XLR plug? These heat coils are can be wired with standard wiring order or custom 5-pin wiring configs. to match other brands. The wiring order used here at RCCtools is: PIN1/2=AC, 3=TC+, 4=TC-, and 5 is ground. If a custom wiring configuration is needed, don’t hesitate to ask here!

Are you new to e-nail controllers and confused on which is the best dab nail and coil match? The first thing you will likely want to consider when looking for e-nail heat coils is what dab nail do you plan on using? There are many choices and mostly depend on dish size, flavor, durability, and budget. Are you going to be dropping a lot of monstrous globs and snakes in, medium sized dabs, or “grain sized” smaller dabs?  From what I have seen the quartz banger is significantly more popular than other dab nails at this time, although I prefer SiC to quartz personally (for maintenance and flavor reasons). There are also many other styles of nails to choose from. The main differences in nails to consider are durability, heat transfer (shape and material), material type and flavor, and how how easy (or difficult) they are to clean.

RCCtools also has matching dab nails such as: the Ti/quartz hybrid nail, the SiC hybrid nail, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm quartz bangers for your dab game. If you are wondering which heat coil works best with which dab nail, there’s info. on that here.

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