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Replacement Enail Gear
You’re searching for replacement enail dab gear, and you’ve found the place. Mix and match just about anything you might need, or just skip straight to the ultimate enail bundles I’ve already put together. Maybe you’re looking to try out a new nail — or maybe it’s high time for a heat coil replacement. Maybe you’re just tired of you’re old set up and want to try something new. Low prices give you plenty of solid options to expand your most functional setup. If you are wondering which heat coil works best with which dab nail, there’s info. on that here.

Matching Dab Nail For Your Coil
RCCtools also offers matching dab nails. Such nails include: the Ti/quartz hybrid nail, SiC hybrid, and 20mm2/5mm/30mm quartz bangers with optional SiC or quartz inserts.

How to Find Heat Coil Wiring?
Do you need to find how your e-nail box is wired on it’s XLR plug? These heat coils are wired with a specific wiring order that only matches certain brands of enail controller boxes. If you need, I may able to custom wire the 5-pins to the specific order that your controller uses. The wiring order used on RCCtools enail controllers and heat coils is always: PIN1/2=AC, 3=TC+, 4=TC-, and 5=GND. If a custom wiring configuration is needed, don’t hesitate to ask here!

Heat Coil and Dab Nail Replacements:
New to e-nail controllers? Confused on which is the best dab nail and coil to match your new nail? First consider the style of dab nail you want to use, then the dab rig. The nail makes the most difference, since heat coil fitment and wiring order are the two biggest variables besides glass joint size.

From there it follows which heat coil fits the nail. Read the blog or contact if still confused. Lastly, pick yourself up a dabber, and also possibly a capper that fits your dab nail. Again, check out this quick blog to get the scoop if you’re still not sure.

Factors in The Dab Math
Dish size, flavor, maintenance, durability, heat transfer (shape and material), budget, etc. all play a role in the decision. Are you dropping monstrous globs and snakes, medium sized dabs, or “grain sized” smaller dabs? The quartz banger is significantly more popular than other dab nails from what I’ve seen so far, although I prefer SiC to quartz personally. Flavor, maintenance, and durability all check out, which is what I am looking for in a dab surface.

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