SiC Banger Insert

SiC Banger Insert:

The SiC banger insert is made with one of the best value dab surfaces out right now: silicon carbide. The rugged surface reduces cleaning and maintenance significantly. The difference between silicon carbide and silicone is that SiC functions a lot more like a metal than a ceramic. SiC is exceptionally strong, chemically inert, & will not crack or get de-vitrified like quartz sometimes does. The rugged surface resists residual build up and reduces maintenance significantly.

You’ll find it super easy to clean even without the use of any isopropyl alcohol. Occasionally you’ll just lightly heat some water directly in the dish (at about 350F degrees — video in blog if needed) and then of course some casual q-tipping after each dab. If you don’t q-tip right away, it comes right off with a few drops of water in the insert!

Specs and General Info.

  • One SiC Banger Insert (SiC)
  • 19mm Outside Diameter
  • Use with a 25mm or 30mm banger (not included)
  • Q-tip swab after each use to maintain high quality taste.
  • Soak in hot alcohol¬† or heat just a few drops of purified water to 250F-350F to keep it tasting like new.
  • Pairs Very Well With 2-3 terp pearls perfectly if you wish to extend your surface area even further
  • Silicon carbide does not equal silicone! The extra e at the end makes such a huge difference. It’s night and day compared to the silicone rubber you’d find in a dab mat, let alone a quartz dab surface.

    Main Benefits Of a SiC Banger Insert

  • Keeps the banger nicer for longer: acts as a partial shield to extend necessary cleanings
  • Does not hold on to old residue the same — surface tends to repel
  • Transfers more heat the the right spots and concentrates the dab surface area


SiC Banger Insert Upgrade

Upgrade your e nail setup or any other torch style banger setup instantly with this little SiC banger insert. SiC makes it much easier to remove old residue from past dabs. The SiC has unique surface qualities that set it apart from quartz in flavor, maintenance, and durability. It doesn’t hold on to old residue as easily and stays fresh longer. Industries that involve extreme heat rely on SiC for an incredibly tough material that stands up to the extremes. It is thermally and chemically inert and resistant to environmental stresses.

Reduce Clingy Dab Residue

The rugged and resistant surface of this amazing dab surface repels charred deposits and prevents them from sticking to the surface. The SiC banger insert stands apart from quartz in this way and does not tend to hold on to old particles. You can easily clean the surface without using any solvents such as isopropyl alcohol and at very low temperatures. SiC (silicon carbide) is a heavy duty material which is used in industrial processes involving extreme heat and environmental stresses. Is exceptionally strong and chemically inert. It has quick and wonderful heat dissipation properties. Technically, SiC is a ceramic, but it seems much more like a metal. It definitely doesn’t seem like a normal ceramic, which seems like total garbage in comparison. SiC also should not be confused for silicone rubber. This would also be an “apples-to-oranges” comparison. The difference between SiC vs. bare quartz is an improvement in flavor and maintenance. The quartz will likely taste like new much longer due to the shielding effect of the insert. In addition, the insert makes it much easier to remove left over residue from previous dabs.

Highly Recommended For Clean-Ability

The SiC banger insert keeps your quartz newer for longer and helps tremendously with cleaning. You will get much more flavor out of your dabs with the improved heat transfer and consolidation in the middle of the banger. You may also save yourself hours of cleaning time since this piece is much easier to clean than quartz. If you are currently using Ti or quartz I highly recommend the SiC insert! The first time I dabbed off of it it was night and day with the flavor and smoothness.

Flavor That Lasts

The improved flavor, heat transfer/efficiency, and still tasting great after almost 2 weeks of #dabbingdaily. Ti and quartz are OK, but IMO, for less than $50 this upgrade easily pays for itself in increased flavor and saved maintenance time. Half of the value (and the high) comes with the flavor, so it’s huge to be able to preserve terps and get the full experience that the plant has to offer.

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