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You’ll find every available enail kit at all prices ranges right here in this category. Whether you are looking for something heady, affordable, or both — it’s all here! There’s something for every taste and preference ranging from plain solid colors to a natural marbled vibe, to classic character figures, and more. This category includes: compact, marbled, digital, analog, dual, characters/figures, and even a triple enail kit for those who simply need more packed into one box. There’s something for every type of dabber to either get what you need to match your current gear or purchase a full enail kit and get off to a good “heady start”.

Bundled Enail Kits For Your Convenience

My bundled enail kits make it easy for you to grab all of the essential gear you need to bring your dab game to the next level. I packaged together the best value from each price range if you’re not quite sure which options might make the best value enail kit to upgrade your dab game. They include my personal choice of the best gear to match.

Top Value, Function, and Affordability

These packaged deals are the top shelf round-ups of what I have found to be the best value gear and give you ideas of what I would choose if I knew more in the beginning of my dabbing “career”. For example. check out this heady compact bundle for the absolute best compact bundled kit at a mid-range price-point.

Enail Kit Add On Options

The rest of these enail kits have flexible add on options to mix and match only the parts that you need to complete your setup. You have the freedom to match the individual parts yourself with these options. Choose a minimal kit or make it complete with just about every dab accessory you’d ever want. However, for the best roundup of gear look to the bundled enail kits for my top picks. Said guide has some helpful information about what each part actually does and it’s benefits.

Enail Kit Mission

My philosophy is that no order is complete until you’ve found the best enail kit for your particular situation and at the most affordable price. Therefore I might end up contacting you before shipping to make sure that your order is correct. Sometimes an order comes through that just doesn’t make the most sense for the customer and I normally will catch any mismatches that I can spot. I understand there are a lot of options and sometimes matching parts and accessories gets tricky. I want to make sure that after your long dab-venture that you end up with the best setup that you can at an affordable price.

Where The Magic Happens

I design and perform final assembly on all enail kits here in Oregon. That includes wiring, careful packing, and shipping as well as design. The only things that aren’t made in America are the raw components themselves, which are time-tested and reliable industry standard parts from China. The injection molded enclosures are made in FL and select glass is also blown here in America.

Enail Kits Proven By The Test of Time

Since 2015 many happy heady customers worldwide have trusted RCCtools to design their beloved enail kit setups. I get great joy out of infusing your daily driver with a personal touch. You can be sure to find the best functionality here at the lowest price and with the quickest ship times possible. That being said, some customization requests may take some extra time to work out the particular kinks before it’s ready to send out. Choose RCCtools for the best functioning enail kits with the best value for your hard earned dollar!

Standard Tech In Each Enail Kit

How does one find the best enail kit with the maze of options and brands on the market? You should know that the same basic electronics circuits power 99% of the enail kits on the market today. In fact, the same CPU has been cooking your pizzas at your local Domino’s likely since you were born! This industry standard tech has been trusted for years in multiple billion dollar industries. You might be surprised to find out which but the PID algorithm can be used to optimize a wide range of values whether it be temperature or steering wheel position on a self-driving car.

Design, craftsmanship, aesthetics, local proximity

Plus, customer service and design care makes all the difference. Some units surprisingly still are not fuse protected, surprisingly! Each unit includes a removable and fast blowing fuse that is cheap and easy to replace if need be. You’ll probably never even touch it, however it’s good to know it’s handy should you need to change it out.

Your Questions Answered

If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right enail kit for you, please feel free to use the contact page to for questions on your specific enail kit setup and/or to start a customized enclosure. The possibilities for the enclosure are virtually endless as long as the electronic nail parts all fit inside. I absolutely want you to be satisfied with your selections. My goal is that no customer falls through the cracks with unanswered questions. If the email forwarding does not seem to be working correctly (happens from time to time) please email directly using the address found at the very bottom of every page.

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