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You’ll find each and every type and style of enail dab kit here. Whether you want add on options, or want to know what I think is the best. The pre-made bundles include my running top choice for the best value dab kit package including all of the gear you need to get dabbing.

Add On Options

On the other hand, most of my enail kits here allow for your choice of add on options for your ideal setup. I packaged my favorite and ultimate package here as well, to make the choice a little simpler if you are just not sure. All of the other listings give you the decision on the gear you want to add. If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right setup for you, please feel free to use the contact page!I absolutely want you to be satisfied with your each and every one of your enail dab kits! None fall through the cracks!

My philosophy is that each order completes when you found the best option available. Therefore I sometimes will need to contact you before shipping to make sure that your order is correct. Some of these accessories can get tricky and I just want to makes sure that after your long #dabventure that you finally find the best gear for you.

I offer all enail dab kits with add on options to complete your setup just how you like it. Check out the bundles pages if you need a dab rig yet, too. All elements are found here; besides dab rig. You can either check out any of the products with “bundle” in the title, or go to any other product and simply add your accessories there, then to add a dab rig from the dab rigs category. Feel free to email for a bundle price and a re-calculated shipping if it seems off. Sometimes it can be a little wonky, sorry about that!

I bundled a few of the best enail bundles here for your convenience. If you are not sure about all of the options, this ultimate package is meant to make the decision much easier. These sets encompass all of the best of the best I have found so far. This is the set that I would have gone for myself in the beginning — if I only knew!

Something For Almost Every Type Of Dabber

There’s something for every type of dabber and personality ranging from a more classy marbleized vibe, to funky and rad marble finishes, classic retro character figures, 3D printed enail dab kits, and much more. The possibilities for the outside enclosure are wide and vast, as long as the electronic nail parts all fit inside. Message for questions on your specific project.

Where The Magic Happens

I marble finish every single individual enail controller enclosure in Portland, Oregon. Design, wiring and assemblage, packing, and shipping all happens here, in America. The cases are injection molded in Florida, and the electronics are industry standard imports from China. Since 2015 many happy heady customers worldwide have commissioned RCCtools to design their custom dab stations. I get great joy out of infusing your daily drivers with your own personal touch. You can also find the best replacement parts with the best functionality, and at the lowest price possible. I’m in the USA and therefore offer relatively quick ship times. Production times are also usually fast, depending on demand and particular customization specs.

What’s The Best Combination For You?

How does one find the best enail dab kit in the sea of choices we have today? The same basic components power 99% of the enail boxes on the market today. The tech on the inside works so reliably that it has been trusted for years in multiple billion dollar industries. Such industrial uses include just about any Domino’s pizza oven you’ll see. You might be surprised to know.

Design, craftsmanship, aesthetics, local proximity

…and customer service make the difference from seller to seller. Some units surprisingly still are not fuse protected, therefore let’s throw safety and care in, as well. Each unit includes a removable and fast blowing fuse that is cheap and easy to replace if need be. You’ll probably never even touch it, however it’s good to know it’s there.

Every Enail Under The Sun In One Category

RCCtools offers a wide price selection of custom enail cases and also a range of accessory options to add on to your enail setup. Make your set complete with just about every dab accessory you would ever need. Whether you are looking for something heady, affordable, or both, it’s here. Here you will find only the best value in enail parts with the highest functional value.

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