American Glass Combo

American Glass & E-Nail

This full e nail package includes an Illuminati glass rig paired with a green heady mini compact e nail controller. The package comes with an e nail controller, rig, heat coil, nail, dabber/capper, insert, and 3D printed q-tip and capper holder. The rig is small enough to fit in a standard weatherproof case and features a simple 2-hole diffuser for easy cleaning.



    • Compact marble finished e-nail controller
    • American blown mini tube
    • Choice of heating coils & banger nails to complete your basic setup (without dabber tool or concentrate)
    • Quartz insert for banger
    • Tweezers for insert
    • Dabber tool
    • 3D printed multi use stand


    • 14mm female joint on the banger nails and rig
    • Heats conveniently & consistently to desired dabbing temps
    • One of a kind marble-ized paint finish
    • Fuse-protected temperature controller unit
    • Designed & assembled in the USA
    • 2-year warranty on all enail controller units


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 Jose Matos
Jose Matos
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Conner was very helpful, knowledgeable and especially thorough and he also followed up with me every step of the way with my order. The shipping speed is incredible an the pieces are all great quality. Definitely going to be a return customer 10/10 stars 🌟
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I purchased my first enail from RCC tools not knowing a whole lot about how they work. I bought the micro blue obsidian enail and it is seriously the best investment I’ve made. It is compact and barely takes up table space and very simple to use. Now I don’t have to use my loud ass torch every time I want to dab. Absolutely would recommend!
Jerry Ferguson
Jerry Ferguson
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...was overjoyed to find your site again since I wanted to buy something made by an entrepreneur here in the states. I liked a lot of the marbling I saw on your facebook and honestly the coupon made it affordable enough for me to add the custom color order. I really am excited and can’t wait to use it.
Quinn Pittman
Quinn Pittman
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I like the colors that match the sun, with reds and yellows. By far the most creative E-nails I found while shopping around, so I sent the link to all my friends as well. Thank you!

American Glass E-nail Package

This American glass was made by Keller Glass and ships fast from Portland, Oregon. The stem features a simple two hole diffuser and a very small chamber for flavorful and #terptastic rips. This piece can chug, but be gentle, since there is little splash protection. The diffuser is pretty basic so it’s light on the chop. That can be good and bad. Good if you want to take it to the less filtered side, and bad if you suck too hard and get a mouthful! It’s a banger hanger — what can you expect? That being said, it does rip like a champ of course and what it lacks in splash protection, it makes it up in aesthetics with the dank green dappled color work. The lamp-worker was found on Facebook years ago, who I thought went by a name that I now know was actually the name of the author of an electronics guide (oops!!) The glass artist sadly is nowhere to be found now in my bookmarks or emails.


I have a hobby of checking out heady glass on Instagram. So many great artists show their wares — it’s impossible to keep up with it all! I feel blessed to live in such a time that I can browse all of this amazing-ness right from my phone! If you see an artist that you would like to see represented here, by all means connect us up! I would be honored to meet your request and encourage you to send pictures through the contact page! That being said, you may already have some heady glass that you want to match colors with on an e nail set. I can try my best to complete your a matching set.

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