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Nectar Collector Bundle

Nectar Collector Bundle

This full nectar enail setup comes with a unique holding stand to keep the dab straw from rolling away on you. It also features a specialized nectar tip that fastens securely to the nectar coil. The 3D printed glass stand features an 8-bit classic design for solid grips and style. Different color options area available for your preference.


  • Mini glass straw combines portability with a minimal filtration
  • Perfect amount of water filtration for those who like a stronger dab
  • Ti nail/tip sits tight inside the ground glass joint with no need for a clip when inserted tightly!


  • Basic Compact Enail Controller
  • Nectar Heat Coil
  • Glass Dab Straw
  • Standard Ti nail/tip
  • Glass-to-coil metal keck clip
  • 3D printed base/stand

Coil Specs:

  • 100W / 120V coil
  • Kevlar cord sheath is rip and shear resistant
  • Standard pin configuration: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=GND

If you are unsure about the wiring order on your enail pleaseread this first to make sure this coil will match!


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A Nectar Collector Bundle With The Best Holders

Most nectar collector bundles only include a plastic keck clip to hold the tip in the glass. This bundle goes a step beyond and includes a metal keck clip for added resilience. Plastic clips may become brittle and break or become soft over time when they receive heat from the nectar coil and tip. Since the nectar coil features continuous electronic heating this may be a concern to consider. Additionally, this nectar collector bundle includes a custom base stand which holds the nectar straw in it’s place while not in use. The stand is positioned just high enough so that the coil and tip do not burn the surface of your table.

Specialized Nectar Tip Holding Power

Get peace of mind by ensuring your nectar collector bundle is tight and secured with a tip made especially for a nectar coil. The fastening tip screws-on to prevent heat coil from slipping off of the tip. It will not allow the coil to slide off until the end cap is screwed counter-clockwise and removed; allowing the heat coil to slide back over the nail. Re-attach by simply screwing the end cap back on in a clockwise direction. That being said, a nectar collector enail may not be a good idea if you are accident prone. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Ground Glass Joint Friction

Even though this nectar collector bundle includes a metal keck clip, the ground glass joint alone helps to hold the tip in place. I have made videos for customers with certail honey straws in the past shaking them very hard without the tip even coming close to falling out of the straw. I never was able to loosen the nail by shaking no matter how hard or how I shook it. Although this was the case for the particular straw that I had at the time, your results may vary since the friction and fitment can slightly change from time to time and from seller to seller.

Optimal Water Filtration:

Other portable solutions may lack the water filtration that you desire. I find that having a minimal amount of water filtration lends a stronger flavor profile, and just everything overall. On the other hand, too much (cold) water and air mixture can suck the life out of your dab. This is because terpenes are mostly water soluble, and cold water condenses the terps in the water and on the cold glass. Terpenes are not only the main flavor component in cannabis, but I would argue the main determination of the overall effect that the other cannabinoids have. Each person should find your own preferred balance between cutting the harshness with filtration and desired flavor. Fun factoid: you may get similar effects from simply eating terpenes such as found in mangoes, cirtus, banana, etc. around 30 minutes before dabbing.

Group Dab Sessions:

A nectar collector bundle is perfect for larger sessions since the enail delivers constant heat to the tip. A torch will allow the nail to cool down between heating. Since the electronic heating stays on as long as you keep it powered up, the next person doesn’t have to worry about waiting to take the next dab. So fill up that dish and bring a friend! A nectar “dab straw” is optimal for group dab sessions. It’s also great for single user sessions over a long duration. This nectar collector enail set includes a 3D printed dab straw stand to hold your honey straw. This is a handy place to let your nail cool down after use, as long as the cord is safe.

Glob On The Go?

This might just be your new daily driver. You may be looking for a more portable dabbing solution yet need more fire-power on the go. Compared to a typical “portable e-nail”; the nectar collector enail might suit your needs a little better. The form-factor of the honey straw allows for easy transport in a case. These glass straws are cheap and readily replaceable if need be. If you are looking for maximum portability and fat cloud potential — this is it! This nectar collector enail setup allows for a tiny amount of water filtration if you want it. The water takes some the edge off of the rip if you have harsh terps or sauce. If a pen or a “Switch” just doesn’t cut it for your strong and long sessions, try out the fat nectar glass version and see where it takes you!

#dailydabber’s Best Friend

A honey straw can be the best tool to slurp up a large amount of concentrate in one go. Those with a large tolerance and heavy medical needs appreciate getting their dish full of cannabinoids. Also, those who have dexterity issues will appreciate not having to lower a dab tool onto the dab surface. Some may have conditions such as chronic pain and need an easy way for fast relief. An nectar collector enail is a great way to take larger amounts at once in these cases.

Ready for Action

If you make sure the tip is fully inserted before usage you will have no issues with this. The friction great, but not only that, the “re-claim” will also help quite a bit with the sticking of course. This will happen inevitably to some degree or another. I was actually pretty amazed myself at the holding power between these Ti tips and the ground glass joint, even without any claim buildup though!

Here is a heat coil plug wiring guide, which is essential if you want to match different brands of enail controllers to your nectar collector coil. Read about parts here for more information about which pieces are necessary and which you might hold off on.

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Conner Goertzen

Conner Goertzen

I am a DIY electronics enthusiast who has been 3D printing since 2018, making custom e-nail controllers since 2016, and putting together custom electronic instruments since 2011.