Category: Cartoon, TV, Game, Comic Character & Movie Figure Custom Enail Category

You have reached the gate to your heady custom e-nail dreams. This category features full custom e-nail setups featuring retro, classic, and wild characters that you know and love so well. All custom sets include complete dab accessory options. You can find a wide variety of e-nail controller designs and ideas to shop through, or to inspire your very own custom enail design! Selected projects can be made using state-of-the art 3D design and printing processes, (depending on design). Some other designs include a number of objects such as toys, coin banks, company logos, drawings, and other idea-nuggets.

Common subjects include comic book, TV, movie, and other characters with nostalgia and interesting vibes to brighten up your dab sesh and liven up your shelves. If the electronics fit, it can probably be done! Please have your calipers or tape rulers ready to take measurements, if it’s a close call, or they are not available online. Metal and ceramic objects do not work nearly as well as plastics. This is because it is much harder to cut clean and professional holes for the electronics on those materials. Eventually I may end up expanding my tool set to accommodate these materials, but for now just stick to plastics only, please. Message for more details on your dream-nail, when ready to begin. The only extra costs for customized compared to pre-made are the time inputs it takes to design and cut, aside from the original cost of the case itself. If you already have one you would like to make into a custom enail, this cost is of course already factored in.

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