R2-D2 Enail | R2-DAB-2

R2-D2 E-Nail: R2-DAB-2

A long, bong time ago…in a dab station far far away…R2-DAB2 was born! This one is a classic that has been done many times before and loved by many. I try to stick with more original ideas, but the thought of having a little robot buddy like this never fails to brighten my day a bit.


  • Cut & assembled in the USA with imported electronics
  • Keeps your nail heated consistently and conveniently
  • High wattage electronics are protected with a “fast blow” fuse
  • Strong, rugged, shock-resistant plastic enclosure
  • Standard wiring and XLR heating coil plug (different wiring by request)
  • Free 2-year warranty on each and e-nail controller

*Custom wiring order can be done by request for your heating coil if you already have one you want to use


Out of stock

Here are some frequently asked questions about e-nails for those may still be curious to get more beginner’s info. If you are looking for more information specifically about which e-nail accessories you might be interested to seethe enail accessories guide.

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