Custom Enail: Mario Brick

Custom Enail: Mario Brick

This custom enail is modeled after the classic brick block from Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment System.


  • Convenient, consistent, and reliable electronic heating for your desired dabbing temperature
  • Protected with an easily switchable fuse
  • Made of sustainable PLA plastic material which is a by-product of the sugar industry. PLA is recyclable and even semi-compostable (if buried in soil for a few years or so).
  • Color options available
  • Standard wiring and XLR heating coil plug (custom wiring by request)
  • Free 2-year warranty on each and every controller
  • Designed, 3D printed, painted, & assembled in the USA


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  • Product Price: $129.99
  • Total: $0.00

Custom E-Nail Mario Brick from Super Mario Brothers for NES

This brick block figure comes from the great and original #stonergame: Super Mario Brothers. I painted this particular custom enail to resemble the original brick blocks, but they can of course be painted in a variety of shades such as gold or other colors, if desired. I can also make yours look more like any of the other Super Mario brick blocks as well. Also, check out the super mushroom enail, or suggest a different Mario character here.

3D Printed in Portland, Oregon

This custom enail was formed and 3D printed from a laptop located in Portland, Oregon. The printer used for this job was an Anycubic Mega, which is a decent printer for the job in my opinion. It allows me to make a wide range of custom e nail enclosures from my imagination or yours.

Custom Enail Options: Cheapest to Most Expensive:

The easiest way for me, and therefore cheapest, is to start with a basic rectangular or square shape and add raised logo elements to the top. 3D printers print on the sides as well, but it can be more difficult due to the layer by layer additions of material. Some designs in particular are more difficult than others. If there are any “overhangs” or “bridges” they can droop over and mess up the print. Overall there are usually many possibilities to fix these issues, though. To minimize issues and costs from the beiginning, it is best to stick with just a raised logo on top. I can translate your art into the logo if you do not have a vector file or line art ready. I then paint to finish using spray paint or a marble painted method for a modest fee.

Here are some frequently asked questions about e-nails for those may still be curious to get more beginner’s info. If you are looking for more information specifically about which enail accessories you should really check out this guide for all of the best possible options.

Care For 3D Printed Items

All 3D printed items must be handled with a reasonable level of care to avoid weakening and/or warping the structure. 3D FDM printing uses a layer-by-layer construction — as opposed to standard injection molding which has no layers but is one uniform piece. Any transport of 3D printed items requires sufficient padding and avoidance of stacking heavy objects on top of these items or around them without sufficient padding and/or bracing.

Please keep 3D printed items out of direct sunlight. Intense direct sunlight a very hot environment may result in slight warpage. Care should be taken to keep any 3D printed away from intense heat (over 90F) or the risk of warpage may increase. In most cases the warpage is very slight and hardly noticeable; but some caution is warranted regarding this.

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