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Shenron Dragon E-Nail | Limited Edition

Shenron Dragon E-Nail

Can it get any more fire than this? Shenron will heat up your banger nail in under 2 minutes and keep consistent temperatures throughout your dab session.


  • Designed, cut, & assembled in the USA
  • Keeps your nail heated consistently and conveniently
  • High wattage electronics are protected with a “fast blow” fuse
  • Rugged, resilient, shock-resistant rubber material
  • Standard wiring and XLR heating coil plug (different wiring by request)
  • Free 2-yearwarranty on each and every Shenron Dragon E-Nail controller!
  • Includes:

    • Enail controller and power cable
    • Your choice of hardware and other tools and accessories tailored to your preference (make your selection using the menu below)
  • Custom wiring order can be done by request for your heating coil if you already have one you want to use
  • $189.99

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    Shenron Short Story: The Dragon God Finds His Solitude

    Shenron the Dragon God found himself surrounded by a hoard of anxious people all rambling over each other about their various wishes. Their requests were on a trend: getting more and more ridiculous by the day. Last week a person asked for ice cream that would never melt, while another wanted their deceased relatives to be revived. A few days past one even asked Shenron for a new wife when his current wife was walking there beside him! Eventually it all became too much for Shenron. Upon granting the latter wish he rose up, grabbed his stash, and flew off into the woods through a foggy evening skyline for some peace of mind. He needed to reflect on his responsibilities as Dragon God and the conflicts he faced making meaning out of it all.

    Gaining Distance

    When he was far enough away and sure that no one was trailing along, Shenron slowed to a hover whipped out his head stash. He packed a large nug into his bowl and took a puff. The great dragon inhaled deeply before exhaling a volcanic blast of smoke and lightning into the forest, scaring the living shit out of the birds and roasting most of the other poor critters that happened to be nearby! He didn’t mean to be so cruel. It was his damn allergies acting up again! Spring pollen can be a beast for a dragon, and this strain always made him sneeze for some reason.

    Beginning to Unwind

    As the smoke poured from his nostrils he relaxed a bit; untwisting his long snaking body and sinking between the trees. He felt relief as the tip of his tail dipping into a cool stream; but the tolerance of the large dragon was sky high. He barely felt the effects of the flower after smoking on the same strain for a while. So before taking another hit he crumbled some hash onto some distillate and drizzled that on top for a nice ganja salad mixed with concentrate dressing. He loaded that in the Flowerpot and switched on his favorite enail made just for him by Toadstool: the Shenron Dragon E-Nail, of course! The effect was immediate and penetrated deep into his lungs before being quickly expelled in a fit of coughing, smoke, and swirling eruptions of fire plumes into the night sky. He didn’t feel much at first…

    A Dragon God’s Unknown Fate

    Shenron remained there for some time; smoking and wondering why he was so lucky not to be born one of those animals that he just grilled in the forest. At the same time he was wondering if any of them might still be warm enough to eat. It was almost lunch time and he had forgot to pack his usual lunch which most always consisted of about 3lbs of pickled ghost peppers, 3-10 pounds of cannabis sativa leaves, a spoon full of sea salt, a micro dose of mushrooms, and either a nice dark stout or an 8 ounce flask of straight maple syrup.

    Then It Hits…

    Finally, the creeper high crept up on him and came rushing in. It was the kind of stone he remembered from back in the day. Wishes upon wishes had begun to bring him down into a subservient world he was not accustomed to as god of the dragons. Everyone needed him; but who was there for him when he was the one in need? Shenron looked down at his bowl and smiled a bit, the simple invention instantly nullified the madness of the mortal world and the status quo. He took another hit, finishing the bowl and sunk into the night sky…

    Toadstool Swoops In

    Swirling and shifting course through the night sky, Shenron effortlessly bounded above the tree line like a fish in water. Shenron relished escaping to the woods when he needed a break from humanity and all its need. Today was going to be an extraordinary day past the frontier of civilization. He had a care package from Toadstool who personally packed it with his favorite goodies and even some surprises. The hash was certainly a nice touch but since it also looked to contain at least one fat slab and a fat sack, Shenron was well on his way to an interesting and insightful evening.

    And What’s This? A Shenron Dragon E-Nail?

    As Shenron dug through, he pulled out more: a personal e-nail made especially for him, with his own face! Along with it came a Klein recycler dab rig, a few pre-loaded concentrate pens with an assortment of indica and sativa buds. He also spotted a few gummies (which he ate immediately upon discovery), a hemp wick for the bong, a custom lighter and at the bottom, and an ounce of freshly cured Gorilla Glue bud. He pulled out the weed bag, it was decorated with swirling designs and read at the top ‘Shenron’s Stash’. 

    Cloudy Day

    Shenron dumped out the contents of the bowl he had been smoking, then remembered the bong that was in Yoshi’s care package and instead took out the clean piece. He filled it with nearby water and a handful of Gorilla Glue nugs, the bud smelled strongly and filled the air with the sweet smell of bud. Just before lighting the bowl he decided to spice up the session and throw some badder wax on top of the nugs; he melted the viscous concentrate onto the buds with excitement. He lit the bowl; even after the hit the bowl swirled and steamed out with smoke until it formed a small cloud around him. The cloud grew until it was larger than him and began to disturb his vision, the cloud was growing denser and weighing heavy and before he knew it the cloud lifted him into the air.

    Rising Above the Noise

    Shenron was above the forest and looking down onto the humans searching for him to grant wishes. He laughed a little and floated on. He flicked his tail and the cloud shot across the woods into the desert where only the wind over the dunes made noise. The cloud was dissipating and slowly lowering him down to the ground. He breathed fire into the bowl and once again watched the smoke surround him and turn into a soft pillow that elevated him into the sky. This time the cloud took him over the ocean where his paranoid brain ran scenarios of what would happen if the cloud vanished, a momentary lapse in consciousness before remembering he was in fact a dragon that could fly. The thought of this made Shenron leave the decreasing comfort of the cloud and return to his smoke spot in the woods under his own power.

    Shenron the Dragon God Finds His Solitude With His Shenron Dragon E-Nail

    From the sky Shenron saw his bong glimmering between the trees and descended for it. He felt the air rush past him and the sand ground against his thick scales. When he landed a crowd swarmed around him asking for more wishes. Shenron swiftly packed his bong, exhaled all his air and in one giant inhale gulped down three large plumes of smoke until the bowl was cashed. Then, just before losing control of his breath he blew a huge cloud of cannabis smoke among the crowd. They were extremely confused at the action. The people just kept pestering the God of Dragons for more wishes until the smoke settled among them and a growing calm begin to take hold.

    Unexpected Visitors

    “Now you see, now you will see” said Shenron “All your wishes will come true if you head back home and hold this inquiry: am I in the situation to know myself?”. This seemed to please the crowd enough to disperse them and finally Shenron the Dragon God was left as he had wished to be, alone with his stash at last! But not for long it seems, as Shenron detected a slight rustling of leaves along the entrance path to his den.

    Stay tuned to find out about the unexpected visitors…

    Summoning An Inner Shenron To Your Dab Station

    This is the most fire custom enail you’ve ever seen, I guarantee! Shenron grants your wish and warmly accompanies your dab station with reliable heating. I made him one out of a flexible rubber coin bank — so it’s amazingly resilient to impact (except his whiskers which come molded in parts which are glued together). The whiskers can easily be glued back on if they pop out, however.

    Share Your Heady Dream!

    If you have an idea that you end up coming across, but don’t know for sure if it will work, that’s OK! Send the dimensions and/or pictures and we will analyze the fit. Outside submissions of project ideas are always welcome and actually encouraged. I’d love to see what heady ideas you have in mind for the next ultimate e-nail case. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to e-mail me here at the contact page. We can spark your dreams together and let the glory blaze as soon as you choose!

    Shenron Dragon E-Nail is an RCCtools Original

    You may see others following suit, but be assured that this is the original source. From time to time I will work on an idea that I have seen on social media etc., but think I can do better. I understand that others may also want to make their own version of the Shenron Dragon E-Nail. I just ask that credit is given where appropriate. All the pop figure e-nail cases you see here are my originals. This being said, of course I knew that others had to be thinking the same on ones like Vader or the Mystery Machine.

    Here are some frequently asked questions about e-nails for those may still be curious to get more beginner’s info. If you are looking for more information specifically about which enail accessories, please check out this handy guide.

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    Conner Goertzen

    Conner Goertzen

    I am a DIY electronics enthusiast who has been 3D printing since 2018, making custom e-nail controllers since 2016, and putting together custom electronic instruments since 2011.