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Slimer Ghostbusters E-Nail | Limited Edition

Slimer Enail

The friendly ghost just will help keep your dab nail nice and toasty with the same electric heating controls used in pizza ovens and many other appliances involving temperature control. This Slimer enail is an original, USA designed & assembled custom unit. This crazy ghost is equipped with the same standard electronics as all of the other controllers you see, but with a character that will not be contained.


  • Convenient, consistent, and reliable electronic heating for your desired dabbing temperature
  • Protected with an easily switchable fuse
  • Standard wiring and XLR heating coil plug (different wiring by request)
  • Free 2-year warranty included
  • Designed, cut, & assembled in the USA


Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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This Slimer enail could make an excellent gift for a favorite Ghostbusters fan but also works for a wide audience. Also, this one would be a hilarious table piece for a cannabis event or lounge area. Slimer shares your love of the munchies! He is pretty much always high on at least one level — since he floats to get around. The Slimer e-nail works great as a gift for just about any dabber (of legal age).

Here are some frequently asked questions about e-nails for those may still be curious to get more beginner’s info. If you are looking for more information specifically about which e nail accessories you should really check out this quick guide.

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Conner Goertzen

Conner Goertzen

I am a DIY electronics enthusiast who has been 3D printing since 2018, making custom e-nail controllers since 2016, and putting together custom electronic instruments since 2011.