Dual E-Nail Boxcar w/ End-To-End Burner

Dual E-Nail Boxcar w/ End-To-End Burner

This one of a kind exclusive dual unit is made into a classic boxcar that has been tagged up with the spirit of rosin in mind. The dual unit is made to either heat your rosin plates or a dual rig setup. This highly customized dual e-nail controller has convenient & reliable electronic temperature control for a wide range of applications.

    Features and Specs:

    • “Juiced” tag on one side and a huge end-to-end burner (rosin) on the other
    • Keeps your rosin plates heated with precise temperature ranges for consistency
    • Plug for heat coils is a standard 5-pin XLR plug
    • Custom wired plugs and adapters are easily possible for your cartridge heaters (customized if needed)
    • High-wattage AC electronics are protected with a “fast-blow” fuse for safety
    • Free 2-year warranty comes with each and every controller (see terms)
    • Wheels not included (see pics): will not roll in case you were wondering


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