Basic Mini Enail With Full Setup Options

Basic Mini Enail With Full Setup Options

The basic mini enail is functionally the same as any other digital enail, only this one comes in a plain black enclosure for all of you no-frills and economically-minded types. Choose just the controller or pick any add on selections that you may need below.


  • Keeps your nail heated consistently & conveniently within dabbing range
  • Designed, painted & assembled in the USA
  • High wattage electronics are protected with a “fast blow” fuse
  • Wiring on the plugs are: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=tc+, pin4=tc-, pin5=ground
  • Custom wiring order can be done for your heating coil if you already have one you want to use ($10.99).
  • Safe, rugged, shock-resistant ABS plastic enclosure (same as LEGO material)
  • Controller dimensions are approximately: 5″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″
  • Free 2-yearwarranty on each and every controller


  • Mini enail controller and power cable
  • Choice of any combination of tools and accessories thru the menu below


  • Options Price: $0.00
  • Product Price: $84.99
  • Total: $0.00

A Mini Enail To-Go

This mini enail packs an enormous punch. The electronics inside are the exact same as the larger controller units, only the case is designed so that all possible dead space is eliminated, resulting in all of the functionality you need within the smallest box physically possible. Until integrated circuits start becoming manufactured on the nanoscale this is the most miniaturized enail anyone could ask for to keep temperatures within precise dabbing ranges for years to come.

Made Of Durable LGEO Material

ABS plastic was carefully and deliberately chosen over metal for the case for a few different reasons. The first is that this plastic does not transfer impact or electricity shocks like a standard aluminum case would. Secondly, it is much lighter. The third reason is that it will not corrode over time. Even though ABS is lighter than a metal case, in many ways it is also stronger. ABS is the same durable type of plastic that is used in LEGO. If you ever used LEGO toys you know they are extremely impact resistant, since they are made to withstand rough play. ABS is one of the toughest plastics around. Ask yourself this: do you ever remember breaking a LEGO? Ever break a LEGO, on WEED?

Machined in the USA

The case was injection molded in the USA, which is a rarity these days, since the vast majority of injection molding is done overseas in our current day and age. After being molded and cooled, the openings for the electronics are cut to perfection using a CNC machine. After I receive them, the electronics are mounted and installed using hand tools in Oregon, USA.

Don’t hesitate to drop a line here if you have any questions or comments!

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