Step-by-Step How To Prevent A Dab Rig From Falling Over With A Coil

Keep It Steady Using Simple Physics!

There are a few ways to keep your dab rig from tipping over. The first thing that most beginner’s don’t think about is what direction the heat coil is facing. If the heat coil is facing outward and away from the rig, there will be more gravity on the end, and more leverage to push it down if anything touches the coil. Here is a quick step-by-step to fix this in under a minute:

how to prevent small dab rig from tipping diagram-01

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to keep a small dab rig (like a mini tube or banger hanger) from falling/tipping over after attaching an e-nail heating coil:

  • Center the weight: The main thing is to understand how the balance works with your specific piece. Some have a stem that extends further away and a base which is relatively small which both contribute to tipping. E-nail coils may contribute to this by adding weight and leverage. If the base is not heavy or sturdy enough this matters even more. Also, a stem which makes the nail extend too far outward could be contributing. The good news is this is usually a simple fix…
  • Inward (not outward) pointing coil: Most people will naturally point the coil cable away from the rig instead of turning it inward (see diagram at bottom). This causes your dab rig to become unbalanced and tip over. Sometimes it may not immediately tip over on you until something moves it or until the cord gets yanked. In most cases if you just point the e-nail coil back towards the rig it will fix this completely.
  • (Optional/Bonus): Use a Dropdown Glass Adapter: If re-positioning doesn’t quite do it you can go a step further and get a $10 dropdown glass adapter which can help to further bring the nail inwards towards the rig center. It also can lower the center of gravity instead of bringing it way up and away from the rig. If the rig has an angled joint it may also help to get a simple 45 degree adapter. The adapter brings the dab nail upwards and inwards, instead of outwards. A dropdown adapter also create an effective “loop” that brings the coil weight back towards the rig and restores balance.

Base Size & Proportions

Of course the height of the rig is going to effect how easy it tips over, but you can get around this with one other factor: a thick base. Selecting a rig with a nice solid base will offset the likeliness that a smaller or tall/slim rig will tip over. Using a small strip of double sided adhesive or hot glue may also help give that extra bit of hold to the dab mat.

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