Reverse Tweezers With Wood Grips

Reverse Tweezers With Wood Grips:

Reverse tweezers are better than regular because they include two different ways to grip: with the inside and outside of the prongs. If you spread the prongs out on the inside you will be able to grip the walls by pressing on both walls instead of pinching on one. You can simply spread the prongs and release like normal to pinch a wall if there is enough extra space around the edges.

  • Includes one pair of reverse tweezers
  • Wooden grips to keep heat from traveling up to your fingers
  • Allows you to pick the insert up by either gripping the side wall or spreading across the inside if the insert fits the banger too tight to get a grip


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Safe Insert Handling With Reverse Tweezers

Tweezers are the best way to pick up your insert before it has completely cooled. You may want to have some reverse tweezers to pick it up while hot. You will probably also want to make sure you have a safe place to drop a hot insert, if need be. Most of the time you can just swab the insert without setting it down, but it’s good to have a safe surface to drop it. Sometimes your grips can slip if not careful, so it’s a good idea to cover yourself just in case. The wooden handles on these tweezers help to shield out some heat from your fingers for a better and safer grip.

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