30mm Banger E-Nail Heating Coil

30mm Banger E-Nail Heating Coil

A 30mm e-nail coil is the way to go for the large glob lover. These XL coils have extra windings/wraps around the bottom of the coil for additional heating.

Features and Specs.

  • 30mm banger heat coil with wraps on the bottom of the coil for bottom surface heating
  • 100W/120V coil
  • XLR 5-pin connector
  • Kevlar cord sheath is rip and shear resistant
  • Wiring order of this coil: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=ground

Note: The wiring order on the plug is important! Just because the plug looks the same does not mean it is wired the same. If you are unsure about your specific gear I can help you find out, but please first read this for some quick info.


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30mm Enail Coils vs. 25mm Enail Coils

Which is better: a 25mm coil or a 30mm coil? It all depends on your setup and preferences. I would recommend the 30mm to anyone who does larger dabs quite often. Although you can definitely fit some pretty huge globs in a 25mm, the 30mm helps distribute heat along the bottom more efficiently so that more heat is delivered more quickly where it’s needed. It also seems to keep the temperature more steady and less phased than the 25mm when dabbing. Another upside is that the larger 30mm barrel size is slightly easier to adjust compared to the 25mm, since the wraps are not as tight. Sometimes this can come in very handy if you end up getting a banger that is slightly different than your original.

Drawbacks Of A 30mm Coil

The drawbacks of using a bigger coil are fairly minimal. A 30mm coil takes slightly longer to get up to temperature; but once it does it stays more steady at that temperature while in use. One other small drawback to the 30mm coil is that it will use more electricity in the long run. There are also some concerns with mini rigs. The 30mm coil weighs a little more, so if you have a small rig with a light base on it there might be more chance of knocking it over if not careful. This is usually an easy fix, however. Simply adjust the position of the coil to point inward. In other words, the banger neck and coil neck should be aligned by rotating the coil neck to point back towards the rig. The coil neck will be resting against the banger neck if your banger is pointed away from the rig (and not cocked to the side). If your banger is off to the side then just make sure the coil neck is pointing back towards the rig. Check out this article for a handy diagram of how it should look. This is a recommended quick read if your rig is not the most sturdy and you have some concerns about it falling over on you with an enail coil. One other hack you can use is attaching your own heavy base to the bottom of your rig to simulate a larger rig and keep it upright.

Considerations For Mini Rigs Using 30mm Coils

A larger 30mm coil also weigh down a very small rig (or “banger hanger“). This can be remedied in most cases by making sure that the e-nail coil is pointing back towards the rig instead of away from it (see pic on this page). This keeps the center of gravity balanced on your dab rig and will help prevent it from tipping. Another handy piece of gear that helps with this is a drop-down adapter. One more important thing: please make sure that your e-nail coil cord is not in a place where you might snag it! Cats and e-nails sometimes don’t mix. It’s up to you to decide whether you are too accident prone for an e-nail or are not able to create a safe environment for your setup to reside.

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