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Ruby Pearl – 6mm

Ruby Pearls – 6mm

Pearls are one of the biggest upgrades you can do for cheap. They pack the flavor of a ruby insert in a more durable and inexpensive form. The pearls hold up better over time, for those who keep cracking their ruby inserts and would rather go with the ultimate combination of a SiC insert and ruby pearls.

  • More cloud
  • More flavor
  • Red crystal corundum is the sister to sapphire
  • Lab grown for consistency and perfection
  • 6mm diameter


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Why Ruby Pearls Are The Ultimate Value Addition

For less than the cost of a regular hamburger, you get upgraded heat transfer and clean-ability upgrades that far exceed the initial cost. Dabs are much more efficient with the extra surface area that the spheres provide. Ruby pearls are also known as “terp pearls”, since they tend to significantly enhance the flavor of just about any dab nail setup.

Difference Between Ruby Vs. Sapphire

You may be wondering about the differences between the infamous sapphire dab tools and ruby, since there is quite a price difference when you get to that level of dabbing gear. In reality, the function is just about the same between the two. Ruby performs with the best of them, and is nearly identical to sapphire except for small difference: the addition of chromium which makes the ruby red

Does Ruby Crack When Cleaning?

The rule of thumb to keep ruby from cracking is to always clean while cold. Never apply liquids while hot, never use a torch, and you should be just fine! Dab connoisseurs who ignore these instructions sometimes end up disappointed when their ruby forms stress cracks. This is true, if you ignore the rules for thermal expansion on this.

Conner Goertzen

Conner Goertzen

I am a DIY electronics enthusiast who has been 3D printing since 2018, making custom e-nail controllers since 2016, and putting together custom electronic instruments since 2011.