30mm Banger (Only) | With Pin Fastener

30mm Banger (Only) | With Pin Fastener:

This 30mm banger is a specialized quartz nail with a pin fastener to hold the coil tight to the bottom of the bucket.


  • 30mm outer diameter
  • 14mm male joint
  • Clear Bottom
  • Cotter pin for holding your heat coil to your banger
  • The heat coil is not included. Those are available here.


30mm Bangers Vs. 25mm Bangers

A 30mm cotter pin banger has it’s definite advantages. Are you tired of trying to fit big globs in your banger only to get the side walls slopped up, caked, and crusted? Are you looking for more consistent heat that doesn’t drop as much with larger dabs? Want to make sure that your banger will fit a wide variety of inserts, with some side room to spare for grabbing with a tweezers? Are you wanting to reduce the amount of crusting that builds up on the side walls of your banger? Do you need a larger cotter pin that’s easier to remove compared to the smaller pin that has less grip and is a bit more stiff? The 30mm cotter pin banger is probably your best bet.

Opaque Vs. Clear 30mm Banger

What’s the difference between clear and opaque bottomed bangers, you ask? The clear version has a glassy-smooth surface which is slightly easier to clean compared to the opaque version. It also may be preferred for taking video and pictures, although the white surface of the opaque version may help to keep the camera focused better. Besides media creation and cleaning, the opaque banger has an often-missed advantage that you may not have known about unless you look really closely or have heard about it from another source. If you carefully examine the surface you will see tiny divots on the top of the bottom surface. These divots help to cause nucleation. Read on for more.

What Is Nucleation?

Nucleation is the first stage of a “phase transition” when small points of a material get concentrated and begin to gather to form energy clusters. Imagine water boiling and forming into tiny bubbles just as the sizzling starts. This is probably the most well known example to give if you don’t quite have a grasp on what nucleation is. The bubbles form around inconsistencies in the mixture, such as mineral particles. This is one reason why the addition of salt to water seems to make it boil faster (although since salt also raises the boiling temperature this isn’t always true). Another fun fact: clouds are formed around dust or mineral particles, which act as the nucleation sites to “seed” the clouds and serve as the genesis of their formation.

How Does Nucleation Affect Dabbing?

Without these energy clusters, the dab takes longer to cloud up. Nucleation helps the product gather into these tiny droplets and boil off easier (even at the same temperature). The small divots in the opaque banger allow the concentrate to gather into these small sites and create tiny bubble-like formations. Even though they seem small and insignificant the nucleation points will actually make the product turn to a cloud quicker than with a smooth surface. That being said, some may actually prefer the slower draw time of the clear banger, so a lot of it comes down to individual preference.

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