Q-Tip Holder | For After Dabs | Attachable

Q-Tip Holding Device | For After Dabs | Attachable

This q-tip holding device is for after the dab. Never catch yourself high-and-dry or scrambling for your tips ever again. This device can stand alone but is also attachable to the caddy enail station, the 3D printed compact enails, and even the multi tool holder to keep your tips handy and available as needed.


  • Holds around 90 standard q-tips
  • Separated compartments for new and used q-tips
  • Made of non-toxic PLA plastic


A Q-Tip Holding Device For After Your Dabs

A q-tip holding device can streamline your dab flow and help keep your banger like new. Of course there are many options available for holding your tips out there but I’ve found that linking it up to your gear is especially handy not only for keeping everything close by but also to prevent the container itself from tipping in the heat of the moment. This one is especially handy for anyone who has or is planning to get the caddy enail station or any of the 3D printed compact sets since it can attach through the ports designed into the bottom. This way they stay linked up and close by. It just makes the whole process much easier and greatly reduces chances of missing the small window of time before your dab dries up on the surface of your banger and creates the dreaded crusting.

Rising To The Occasion

Having a holding device for q-tips as well as one for a capper will definitely make your life easier. I can’t count how many times I started a dab and realized that either my tips were our of reach or I had no idea where I put my capper! This is why I had to figure out something, for my own sake as well as for all of you out there with the same common issue. It’s very common to overlook the process of cleaning out the banger after each usage when first starting out, let alone for experienced dabbers. I admit that is can be a daunting task to remember to do this after every dab, since for most of us this may be the last thing on our minds after partaking in some extra heady material. If you don’t mind losing out on the full potential of your flavor and maximum efficiency and each and every time then you can of course go ahead and skip it every once in a while.

It’s Not The End Of The World If You Don’t!

Doing a quick wet tip or two after each dab is key to keeping quartz in good condition, but if you wait too long you can always just set it aside to soak in a cleaning solution if you have a reserve banger to use in the meantime. This is highly recommended anyway if your banger is quartz, since there’s always that chance of breakage. You want to have a backup in case of either of these scenarios.

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