Thermal Core Reactor Set (Coil, Banger, Capper, Insert)


Thermal Core Reactor Set (Banger, Capper, & Insert)


  • 25mm Quartz Banger with thermal core mass
  • **Non-standard wiring order! Pay attention please: pin1=TC+, pin2=TC-, pin3=Ground, pin4=AC load, pin5=AC load
  • 3 pack of 710coils silicone bands to hold your heat coil
  • 14mm joint size (male)
  • Quartz insert
  • Click dropdown menu below for capper options

Main Feature

  • Stores and directs heat towards the middle of the bucket
  • Raises shallow inserts higher towards the inlet of the bucket
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    Advantages Of The Thermal Core Reactor Banger:

    The heat retention properties of the thick core in this banger are what sets it apart from the others. The main advantage with a quartz core banger is more heat transfer where it counts. The dab cools down much slower due to the extra mass in the center of the banger.. This is especially nice if you are using a torch on the go. The cool down will happen slower and be much easier to catch than without the core. Also, most of the heat will concentrate right in the center of the core reactor banger, right where you want it. Putting an insert right on top really wraps up the full setup nicely! The core of the banger can also be used as a dab surface without an insert just as well. It is not much more difficult to clean than a normal flat surface, and can actually help keep the dabs from climbing up the side walls of the banger. When the dab climbs up the side it tends to reach for a cooler spot. When it hits that cooler spot it has a tendency to dry out before reaching vaping temperature, wasting the dab. The hot core helps keep the dabs in the hot zone for maximal efficiency.

    A capper is necessary if taking the #lowtempdab route and highly recommended if taking the #hightempdabs route. Here is a heat coil plug wiring guide, which is essential if you want to match different brands of enail gear. If you are looking for more information specifically about which enail accessories you should really check out this guide.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to use the contact page and send a quick message.

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