Adjustable Banger Band Clip Mounts (2-Pack)

Adjustable Banger Band Clip Mounts (2-Pack):

These adjustable banger bands fit are convenient for getting a great fit on most e-nail banger and heat coil combo sets.

  • A banger band and clip to hold your e-nail heat coil up to a variety of quartz bangers
  • Durable neoprene band heat rated for standard dabbing setups (where heat coil is set to 750F or less and more than 1/2″ away…see pics)
  • Exhibits hardening rather than softening over time
  • Wire re-enforced

The band portion is made with wire-reinforced neoprene rubber. Off gassing is not an issue as long as the band is 3/4″ away from the heating coil on the banger stem. With this positioning, the temperatures under the banger band stay below 200F when standard (750F or under) dabbing temps are set on the e-nail controller. The band will never soften and won’t even begin to off-gas until around 300F. Because of this potential, be sure to keep the 3/4″ distance rule just to keep the band under 200F and keep yourself extra-safe from any small amounts of VOC’s that could come out otherwise.

From Wikipedia: “When compared with natural rubber, neoprene is more gas permeation resistant and can tolerate higher temperatures: up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Even at such high temperatures, neoprene will not physically degrade, making it better suited to long-term use in high temperature applications than natural rubber. “


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Adjustable Banger Bands:

How do I hold my heat coil up? Adjustable banger band saves the day! There is a reason why it may not be the best idea to just tighten an axial heat coil enough to stay snug around a banger. If you are not sure why, read more here. These adjustable banger bang clip mounts allow you to safely attach a heat coil up to a banger without having to worry about breakage or slippage ever again! The teeth on the alligator clip provide a strong grip on the teeth of the neoprene  adjustable banger band. As long as the heat coil is not too close, these bands will last a very long time. Instead of softening they tend to harden under gradual heat stress. They also have some thin but strong wires running along the length for an added measure of security.


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