Q-Tip Holder: Mario Brick

Q-Tip Holder: Mario Brick

The Mario Brick is a unique q-tip holder for your mopping needs. Keep your tips close and handy when duty calls for a quick glob mopping.

Features and Specs:

  • Perfect size for quick ninja-like q-tipping action
  • Holds around 50 tips
  • 3D printed in the USA


Availability: In stock

Q-Tip Holder For Easy Maintenance

Stay heady fresh with a q-tip holder that keeps your q-tips accessible and within reach. This holder device features a nostalgic Nintendo design but you don’t necessarily need to be a gamer to appreciate it. This could be the final building block that makes your dabbing setup complete. Once you have found the perfect accessories for your setup, you’ll want to make a place for them so they stay together and easily accessible. This is where this q-tip holder comes in.

Pro Tip

You don’t necessarily need isopropyl to prevent residue and chazzing! We all know how hard that stuff can be to find these days, and who knows, you might need it if things really go down and hit the fan hard. A wet q-tip with simple filtered water should do the trick in most cases. This is especially true if you are using a SiC insert rather than quartz. Isopropyl just adds a little bit of extra kick and actually seems to be best suited for cold cleaning and soaks, since the alcohol evaporates so quickly with heat. Water will evaporate much slower yet still has very good solvent-like cleaning abilities. Plus it’s obviously much cheaper and easier to find.

How To Make Your Own Q-Tip Holder

If none of my q-tip holders suit your fancy and you don’t want to make a custom, you can always make a cheap and easy q-tip holder by removing the top from a common pop-top cannabis dispensary container. That being said, this 3D printed q-tip holder is one of the best options to prevent “chazzed” bangers for those with some extra budget.

Essential Dabbing Items

Check out this dab accessories guide if you are looking for more information specifically about which dabbing accessories are the bare essentials to make a full setup. It will give you an idea of the most essential tools that may want to make the process smoother.

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