Attachable Stand Modules For Q-Tips, Cappers, ISO Vials, 14mm Nails

Attachable Stand Modules For 14mm Nails, Cappers, 16mm Wet Tip Vial

These attachable holder modules allow for quick access to your capper tool, ISO vial, q-tips, holding spare nails, etc. A capper stand holder allows for quick access to maximize the flavor and the q-tip holder helps get every last drop out afterward.


  • Perfect dual-use capper or 14mm banger holder (14mm top opening)
  • Attachable to this 3D printed mini compact enail controller as well as the dab tool holder stands.
  • Pick a darker color like black or brown for less frequent cleaning
  • The color will be randomly selected from available PLA plastic material– unless specifically noted.


If you are looking for more information specifically about which enail accessories please check out this handy guide.

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