Personalized Dab Tool Stand

Personalized Dab Tool Stand

  • Request your shape and ports! Write your custom request in the order notes or send a message and I will try to accommodate your perfect stand/holder setup!
  • This is a very handy stand to have in your dab kit — especially if you are using a separate dabber tool and capper. The color will be randomly selected (unless requested) between black, grey, or semi-translucent white
  • Made with PLA plastic
  • $15.99

    Submit Your Ideal Custom Dabber Stand Order

    If you have a more ideal holder in mind, I will consider making it! I can 3D print to accommodate different combinations of dab tools, nails, tips, etc. I will do my best to make your setup complete in the most desirable form and color possible. I can easily mix and match components, or even work off of a custom drawing you have. In fact I would love to hear your feedback on what your needs are rather than only go by what I prefer myself. Your feedback is always welcome and valued at RCCtools. It’s always nice hearing others’ situations, opinions, and needs so I can create offerings to better meet them. Please request custom colors using the form field after selecting the add on option for custom colors.

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