Personalized Dab Tool Stand

Personalized Dab Tool Stand

  • Request your shape and ports! Write your custom request in the order notes or send a message and I will try to accommodate your perfect stand/holder setup!
  • This is a very handy stand to have in your dab kit — especially if you are using a separate dabber tool and capper. The color will be randomly selected (unless requested) between black, grey, or semi-translucent white
  • Made of sustainable PLA plastic material which is a by-product of the sugar industry. PLA is recyclable and even semi-compostable (if buried in soil for a few years or so).
  • $15.99

    Close and Convenient

    Streamline your dab flow with this 3D printed custom dabber stand. Once you have found the perfect accessories for your setup, it’s time to make a place for them. If you are looking for more information specifically about which dabbing accessories are the bare essentials to make a full setup, you should check out this dab accessories guide to get an idea of the most essential tools that you will want to have. This is not an essential item; but will make life much easier whether you are a daily dabber or occasional dabber. I can’t count how many times I started a dab and realized I had no idea where I put my capper. Dabbing without a capper is a huge waste in my humble opinion. This is why I had to figure out something, for my own sake as well as for the visitors coming around.

    Submit Your Ideal Custom Dabber Stand Order

    If you have a more ideal holder in mind, I will consider making it, if it’s reasonable. I can 3D print to accommodate different combinations of dab tools, nails, tips, etc. I will do my best to make your setup complete in the most desirable form and color possible. Say you only need a q-tip holder with a spot for one extra nail and one dabber. I can easily mix and match components, or even work off of a custom drawing you have. In fact I would love to hear your feedback on what your needs are rather than only go by what I prefer myself. Your feedback is always welcome and valued at RCCtools. It’s always nice hearing others’ opinions and situations. Please request custom colors using the form field after selecting the add on option for custom colors.

    Care For 3D Printed Items

    All 3D printed items must be handled with a reasonable level of care to avoid weakening and/or warping the structure. 3D FDM printing uses a layer-by-layer construction — as opposed to standard injection molding which has no layers but is one uniform piece. Any transport of 3D printed items requires sufficient padding and avoidance of stacking heavy objects on top of these items or around them without sufficient padding and/or bracing.

    Please keep 3D printed items out of direct sunlight. Intense direct sunlight a very hot environment may result in slight warpage. Care should be taken to keep any 3D printed away from intense heat (over 90F) or the risk of warpage may increase. In most cases the warpage is very slight and hardly noticeable; but some caution is warranted regarding this.

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