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E-Nail Reviews for RCCtools

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In my research I stumbled upon the daily leaf article and was overjoyed to find your site again since I wanted to buy something made by an entrepreneur here in the states. I liked a lot of the marbling I saw on your facebook and honestly the coupon made it affordable enough for me to add the custom color order. I really am excited and can’t wait to use it.

-Jerry Ferguson


Hello! I am interested in a large display controller with heater and nail. I like the colors that match the sun, with reds and yellows. By far the most creative E-nails I found while shopping around, so I sent the link to all my friends as well. Thank you! -Quinn

-Quinn Pittman


I purchased my first enail from RCC tools not knowing a whole lot about how they work. I bought the micro blue obsidian enail and it is seriously the best investment I’ve made. It is compact and barely takes up table space and very simple to use. Now I don’t have to use my loud ass torch every time I want to dab. Absolutely would recommend! -Alicia Burns (@glassgardenia on IG)


Dab girl

(@glassgardenia IG photo)

electric dab e-nail for sale

(purchased e-nail dab controller by @glassgardenia)



I am very encouraged and invigorated by your constructive feedback! Comments and suggestions are always highly welcomed!


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best e-nail guide


Fuse protection is a critical feature. Without a fuse there is no safeguard to prevent dangerous and life-threatening events involving high-amp “mains” power from potentially damaging your electronic dab nail (or your health). The best e-nail models come equipped with fast-blow fuse that could potentially save your life if any of these events were to occur. Fuses are actually dirt-cheap, take up very little space inside the controller casing, and are relatively easy to install. Surprisingly, some online retailers are still selling e-nails that are not fuse-protected. It’s a good idea to check before purchasing for the sake of your safety (and of others). The best e-nail models have a small accessible fuse-port that even allows for easy replacements.

One way to check is to look at the power receptacle itself, which is normally located on the back side of the unit. Some sellers include pictures of this with their product pages. If the receptacle has some space next to the power cord port and there is a fuse symbol where that space is, it’s almost certain there is a fuse installed. If this type of receptacle did not include the fuse, the unit would fail to power-up. This is not to say that the fuse could not be located somewhere else in the case, but if you see the fuse symbol it’s probably there (see picture below). Check the pics and read the specs. If still in doubt, ask the seller to be sure. Also it would be good to make sure that the USB port is properly regulated so it does not end up damaging your phone/device from over or under-current draw.

e-nail with fuse

fused e-nail


Aside from some exclusive proprietary heat coils, there are two major wiring configurations for e-nail heat coils. Both of these typically use XLR 5-pin connectors; or less commonly mini-XLR. It is important to consider future replacements if you intend on using your electric nail for years to come. When purchasing a replacement heater coil for your digital dab rig controller, you will want to contact both the seller of the e-nail and the heat coil to find out if the 5 wires will match on the male and female ends. If not, you will probably damage your gear (at the very least). It is important to make sure your e-nail controller will be compatible with a heating coil that is standard 5-pin XLR (not mini), and therefore easily obtained in the future.



Some PID controllers (such as the MyPin TA4 RNR) use a mechanical relay to send energy/heat in pulses to the heating coil. These are fairly reliable, but the best e-nail models use a solid-state relay (SSR)– which is less prone to mechanical failure in the long run. Instead of an electromagnet making a switch click on and off, the SSR uses a small LED light and a photo-sensitive resistor to make the switch. They also have the advantage of being totally silent while functioning, compared to the constant clicking of the mechanical relay (which could be a plus if you need a reminder to switch it off every now and then). An easy way to tell if your electronic nail uses an SSR is to look for the shorter PID controllers with one display line use a SSR to pulse energy to the heating coil.



I’ve found that the well-known “universal fit” Ti nail does not fit very well on the 10mm dab rigs that have a male connection. It works on 10mm female rig joint just fine; but with a male connection on the rig and female on the nail, it wobbles a bit– leaving slight air gaps. The connection isn’t too bad if you have reclaim built up; but I would highly recommend picking up a glass adapter that will widen the dab rig’s joint from 10mm to 14mm, since the female end on the Ti nail just sits better there. I had an adapter shipped in about 2-3 days from eBay for less than $10. Caution: be careful when removing the adapter later on, they tend to stick themselves on tight inside the bottom of the Ti nail

*TIP FOR SMALL RIGS- try angling the heat coil’s arm toward the center of the rig, which will give more balance to the setup and prevent your glass from tipping over.



Chinese manufacturers deserve some credit. They have been able to coordinate massive labor and marketing efforts to position themselves as the electronics manufacturing center of today. They can produce the cheapest goods, and have the ability to produce the standard of quality that Americans demand. This is evidently so. However, unless you’re planning on purchasing bulk electronic components to DIY, going with a e-nail seller that is located closer to you can avoid some hassle & frustration.

  1. The first reason is that shipping times can be up to 4x as fast compared to from Alibaba etc., especially when some holidays are taking place, which of course you aren’t aware of unless you do a lot of business overseas and keep it on your schedule.
  2. Second, there is a higher chance that domestic customer service will be able to meet your needs much more quickly and efficiently.
  3. Third, in the event that you need to return a unit that was damaged in shipping or not properly inspected, it can be difficult to impossible to ensure that your return package is tracked & accounted-for after it crosses the border. This can lead to high costs trying to track the package, and can leave room for dishonest sellers to disappear after your money is received. Filling out a customs form for an electric dab nail is also a sensitive maneuver, in addition to spending extra time at the post office.



A warranty is good for peace-of-mind– covering your e-nail controller from being sent off without proper inspection. The average time on an e-nail warranty is 1-year, and covers the controller only (or has a separate warranty time on the other parts/accessories). The electronics in an electric dab nail are not relatively complex and not especially difficult to manufacture, but mistakes are possible in the mass manufacturing process. This is why RCCtools covers the controller electronics so you don’t have to worry about your purchase. I strive to provide the best e-nail product possible! This is why I created this e-nail guide, to inform you how RCCtools covers all vital areas you would look for in an e-nail and then some. Of course I am baised towards the product, but the information in this e-nail guide is objectively true and plain– not deceptive or overly market-y…just an e-nail guide to highlight key considerations in purchasing.





Fuse protection is a critical feature. Without a fuse there is no safeguard to prevent dangerous and life-threatening events involving high-amp “mains” power from potentially damaging your electronic dab nail (or your health). The best e-nail models come equipped with fast-blow fuse that could potentially save your life if any of these events were to occur. Fuses are actually dirt-cheap, take up very little space inside the controller casing, and are relatively easy to install. Surprisingly, some online retailers are still selling e-nails that are not fuse-protected. It’s a good idea to check before purchasing for the sake of your safety (and of others). The best e-nail models have a small accessible fuse-port that even allows for easy replacements.

E-Nail Vs. Butane Torch – Reasons To Go For The Electric Nail

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In a butane torch, only a fraction of the total energy in the flame goes directly toward heating the nail, while an e-nail heats much more directly. Heating a dab nail using a butane torch requires using gas combustion to create large amounts of heat-energy that is blown towards the nail by pressurized gases directed through a nozzle. The rest simply heats up the air in the room. After a year of regular propane torch use, our household had dozens of empty cans sitting in our house that could not be recycled or reused in any way. These massive chunks of metal & machine oil sat as a reminder to our consumption habits and the footprint our love of dabs had created. It was time to look into buying an e-nail and ditch the cans.

Admittedly, even e-nails still have some room left for improvement in efficiency in energy use, but the improvement from a butane torch is significantly high. The flat coil has been popular recently because of it’s efficiency in heat distribution. A flat coil sits directly underneath the dish, instead of covering the side walls of the nail. With the flat coil (used in a standard domeless Ti/quartz hybrid nail and some universal Ti nails), most of the heat travels directly upwards to the bottom of the dish, which is where most of the concentrate glob will end up as it melts downward. Another improvement worth noting is in the new Liger nail, which encases it’s heating coil fully inside of the nail. Some heat still is directed towards the outer side walls, but that wall/barrier does trap, retain, and direct a lot of that heat back towards the center of the piece. It is definitely a huge improvement over butane torch flame rushing every-which-way around the nail.


Electronically controlled dab nails are the best way to provide steady and precise temperatures that allow you to tailor the experience– given that certain variables are accounted for (see coming blog post on temperature accuracy). Some wax may require a higher temperature for complete combustion, but a lower temperature to deliver a smooth hit that is less irritating and “burnt” than smooth and “vaporized”. If you press your own fresh “terp sauce” at home, you will be amazed at the difference when turning the nail down into the mid-600’s (F) and using a carp cap. The difference in flavor alone is night and day, let alone the buzz. Some users may opt to raise the temps to minimize pooling, crusting, and waste. Some may want to lower the temps to leave some lipids (waxes) and less-desirable plant matter behind.

Flavor aside, for those of you who pride yourselves on taking massive gram-sized globs, the e-nail is the clear choice since the heat remains on even as you are taking the dab. So instead of torching the nail red hot then letting it plunge down in temp as you dab, the e-nail makes sure the temps don’t drop more than about 30 degrees (F) even when doing the most epic of globs.

Also, a “carb cap” is a must-have tool for raising the temperature in a semi-controllable way. The introduction and exclusion of air is a way to manually fine-tune the taste experience without sacrificing as much wasted dabs, or using as much energy from the electric grid.


Ever been trying to heat up your nail and realize it has completely stopped or slowed all activity in the room? It’s just so obnoxious and loud…plus, fire! Fire is a captivating thing, and it can be needlessly distracting when someone decides to go for a dab with a butane torch in a room with more than a few people. Plus, it looks a little cracked-out. Dabs should not be associated/confused with dangerous hard drugs, and having to light with a butane torch may visually strengthen this negative association– especially if you have kids in the house that will be curious as to what those loud rumbling sounds are in your room. They may associate it in the wrong way upon discovering the source of the sound.


No one like toxic “gick”, but we all tolerate a base-line amount that pervades our modern environment. Now that electric nails are abundant and cheap, there is no need to spray combustion gases all over your home, unless your room or area outside doesn’t have access to an electric outlet. Make your home a place of sanctuary.

When camping, if you have a vehicle you can usually use a cheap inverter to power an e-nail using the cigarette lighter socket. There are also “portable e-nail” products available, but they just don’t deliver heat as well as a “real” nail, and aren’t nearly as reliable in the long-run (probably because of the battery load slowly becoming uneven or just plain slow over-heating.​ I have yet to read a review from someone who is satisfied with these “portable e-nails” after more than a year’s use. There are e-pens, and there are e-nails. Let’s just say there are e-nails and there is everything else. There is a big difference in heating power and taste with dabs dropped straight onto a small coil and dabs dropped onto a proper nail with an e-nail coil heating around it.

e-nail propane butane torch toxicity

e-nail propane butane torch toxicity



electric dab e-nails for sale


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ABS ENCLOSURES OVER ALUMINUM: RCC TOOLS e-nails are enclosed in an ABS plastic case because it is extremely durable for one (think LEGOS: have you ever come close to breaking one?). It is also a rust-proof material that is non-conductive– protecting the electronic parts against static charge and condensation. It could potentially protect you yourself in case of a spill or  other extreme moisture being present.

INDUSTRY STANDARD PID CONTROLS: The PID controls used in these e-nails are the industry “gold standard” for many good reasons. They are accurate and precise. Overshoot rarely gets to be over 30 degrees F over the set temp. when powering up– compared to one controller I saw discussed today that overshoots more than 100 degrees F. Once powered up the overshoot is much less (around 10 degrees F). On top of this, I have read reports of one brand taking up to 5 minutes to get up to the set temperature, compared to under 2 min. for RCC TOOLS.

RCC TOOLS E-NAILS ARE INDIVIDUALLY PAINTED with a unique natural finish that individualizes each controller with a design “fingerprint” that cannot possibly be completed the same way twice. The paint finish comes out different each time depending on many factors such as time of exposure to air and sunlight, weather & atmospheric conditions, painting material proportions and type, swirling/tilting, etc.,. It is a process that stems from the Asiatic tradition of suspending pigments on water and hand-manipulating before submerging the object into the paint. Mastering intentional, well-crafted results takes know-how and plenty of trial-and-error. Studies of color theory are implemented in bringing forth tasteful yet eye-catching, vibrant color schemes that are drawn from natural forces, outer space, the man-made environment, and other aesthetics.

OVER 2 YEARS EXPERIENCE: Since early 2015 RCC TOOLS has been designing, assembling, and painting e-nails for the consumer market. Started from an annoyance for propane torches and empty cans, a goal was set to create an e-nail that didn’t cost $400+. There were only a small handful of American brands, and people still thought t-shirt presses were a good idea for pressing rosin. I was throwing together elementary electronic components trying to create a cheap e-nail and marble-izing every object that I possibly could in a deep fascination for the technique and the resulting designs.

Fast forward 2+ years and there are dozens of e-nails companies, many also selling their own rosin plate kits. RCC TOOLS fell behind in the marketing (being a novice in the internet marketing game) but despite the low visibility continued to create, inspired by the happy and excited customers that did end up finding the site one way or another.

NO SHADY SALES TACTICS OR SLICK MARKETING; only affordable, quality products and verifiable claims. Unlike other companies who have been known to make false claims such as manufacturing their e-nails in the USA, having a heat-up time that is 3x faster, exaggerating the time in marketplace, exaggerated “wins” in competitions, etc., Other companies use shady sales tactics such as following/un-following, publishing biased and/or payed reviews, copying content/plagiarism, false claims, and outright lies to gain sales, which is frustrating to the other honest sellers out there. The number of sellers that simply print their logo on another company’s product, and then pay someone else to write slick marketing content, and another to push it to the top of search results is insane. It is watering down the market. Do your due diligence on any claims made.

RCC TOOLS E-NAILS ARE HAND-WIRED BY A SINGLE DEDICATED INDIVIDUAL who is focused and dedicated fully to the quality of the electronics in each piece. Each unit is also thoroughly inspected before shipping to prevent time-consuming and costly returns. On top of this, a 1-year warranty is offered to ensure confidence and comfort in your purchase. Your electric nail is an investment, and you shouldn’t have to worry about attempting to make returns due to faulty hardware, bad connections, or poor inspection.

NO PROPRIETARY/EXCLUSIVE PARTS: All components are standard and can easily be replaced. If you need to replace your heating coil, you can refer to this pin configuration: pin1= ac, pin2=ac, pin3=tc+, pin4=tc-, pin5=ground for both the coils and the controllers. Some manufacturers attempt to keep their coils exclusive, and use non-standard XLR connectors to force you to buy your replacements from them.

SIZE OPTIONS: RCC TOOLS e-nails come in a variety of size options from compact size to original (slightly larger than a standard Chinese model) to dual e-nails. In the compact and standard sizes the electronics are the same. The only differences are in appearance and how the e-nails sit in your space. The compact size is designed with the heat coil coming from the top to save additional surface space compared to the front-end design. The standard size simply allows for more painted area, and a richer design finish. Of course, the dual electronics are the same as the standard size, but doubled to allow for 2 heater coils to be controlled separately for use in rosin press plate applications as well as dual glass rig setups.

MOST AFFORDABLE PRICE: RCC TOOLS e-nails rely as little as possible on marketing, re-uses packaging materials, uses strategic sourcing, and limited outsourcing, so that the most reasonable prices can be offered. Bulk components are purchased to keep prices down, and minimal paint is wasted in the finish process. An established, streamlined production system keeps labor costs down and final prices low on the best e-nail for your money.