How to Hold An Enail Coil Onto a Quartz Banger
One of the problems with a quartz banger and enail heat coil set-up is keeping the assembly together during use.

As we all remember from science class, matter expands when heated and contracts when cooled. Metal and quartz expand and contract at different rates. If the metal heat coil contracts faster than the quartz while cooling, the coil may fall off the banger. If the metal does not expand enough while heating up and is very tight around the quartz, that may result in cracking or shattering. Even if it doesn’t happen the first time, repeated heating and cooling will weaken the glass and likely form one or more cracks in your daily driver. This can also be very dangerous if flammable materials are underneath the dab rig.

With the set-up pictured above we have a metal coil heating a quartz cup, so to speak. One has to fit inside the other, but not too snugly and not too loosely. This is doubly-true for the heating coil around the banger nail.

hold coil on banger dab nail with pin fastener clip

The Old Solution

The early days of e-nail quartz setups featured the side-arm design which incorporated a quartz hook that was fused into the side of the banger itself. This proved to be difficult to get a really good fit without making it impossible to fit the coil around the bucket. The delicate arms were prone to breakage for this reason. More recently, better designs have come along to hold a coil up to a banger nail. Here we offer some handy solutions to help keep a heating coil secured to a quartz banger:

loose banger dangerous how to
25mm banger kit with heat coil and fastening wire-wrap tie

The Cheap, Easy Wire-Tie Method

A typical quick-fix solution is using a bit of wire to secure the two parts together. Many users may prefer this fix, since the wire is easily replaced if need be. The wire bag-ties available in the produce section of a grocery store will suffice as a substitute. It’s not the prettiest solution, but it works. The only snag is disassembly after use. Rather than untwisting the wire, most users opt to simply cut the wire off and bust out a new one for the next time.

If you apply wire to secure the heater coil to the banger, you’re best off using a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Tip: making sure the tabs are completely horizontal while twisting will make a tighter connection than if they are more parralel to each other. Twist exactly like you would when closing a plastic bag, but like you mean it…

Neoprene Rubber Banger Bands and Clips

A more efficient and flexible solution has emerged. It even incorporates the humble roach clip from the old days!  Cheech would be proud. This rigging uses an adjustable neoprene rubber timing belt with aligator clips to form a MacGuyver-style banger band and clip set which is highly adjustable. The band is adjustable to fit a wide range of different axial heat coil and banger combinations. The band is made from neoprene rubber, which can withstand high temperature. It is also wire-reinforced for a second layer of protection against breakage. Although not as strong as the silicone bands (below), the band has very good heat resistance and will not produce any off-gassing if kept at least 3/4″ away from the heated part when the enail is set to 750°F. Above that and some small particles could out-gas (not necessarily into your rig, but better safe than sorry). As long as the band stays under (200°C), it won’t be affected. RCCtools reports that there has been one customer that has experienced breakage so far, so be smart. That being said, neoprene is a decent material if you use it correctly, and right under silicon in heat resilience.
banger set25mm-2
thick quartz banger

Silicone Rubber Banger Bands and Hooks

Silicone bands are the next step up in heat tolerance. They are available in a variety of different sizes. With proper curing, silicone can withstand about 50°C degrees higher than neoprene — up to about 250°C (500°F). Silicone rubber performs superior to rubber at a wide range of temperatures, from -148° F to 572° F. Silicone is widely used in many industries for applications with an exposure to a wide range of temperatures. The hooks that hold the bands make for an easy-on, easy-off set-up.

R-Pin Bangers

Some users might only own one banger and have no use for switching the mounting rig from one set-up to another. For a more fixed solution, these metal pins slip through the bottom of the heating coil and hold it fast to the bottom of the banger. This solution benefits from being more stable, at the sacrifice of not being as adjustable. That being said, the fit has been perfected over time. You just need to make sure your 30mm coil has a 10mm opening in the very center of the bottom to fit this nail.
r-pin banger with beveled edge
dolphin blows smoke ring underwater


Readers, what is your banger-coil solution? What home-made utensils have you pressed into service in a pinch? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments.
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