How To Clean a Pipe Bowl In Under a Minute – Step By Step Guide

Time needed: 1 minute.

This is easy way to clear the resin from your bowl almost completely in under one minute. Make your spoon taste fresh and new again. All you need is 2 squares of toilet paper, a lighter, and a dirty bowl. See the video below for a quick demonstration.

Make It Melty

First heat up the resin enough to soften and stick together a little.

While still hot put in a good firm twist with the toilet paper or some other absorbent material. Almost all of the resin should come out in one big nasty chunk after a few twists. There may be some left in the very bottom near the hole at the bottom still which can be picked out with a pointy tool.

Now you know how to quickly and easily restore all of the flavor out of your rare dankness.

The video below shows how to clean a pipe bowl quickly– in just under one hot minute! No one likes stale hits from dirty pipes, because #terps are what set off the entourage effect. The buildup steadily ruins the flavor and steals the potency. I hypothesize extra resin tends to soak up the THC. I say this because I feel the effects much, much more after cleaning the glass. Sometimes before cleaning the glass I barely feel much of a buzz even. It’s a pretty stark difference for me. I think you will agree after paying attention and taking note to before and after cleaning effects.

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