DBZ Dragon E-Nail Custom


Fire up your next heady session w/ the dragon!

  • Heats safely and reliably to 650F within 2 minutes (max. recommended temperature is 1100F for cleaning)
  • Standard XLR output so you can easily replace your coil down-the-line
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 2-year warranty


XLR heating coil pin configuration: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=tc+, pin4=tc-, pin5=ground (where pin 1 starts at the 2-o’-clock position and 5 is at ten-o’-clock)

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Ever get to the top of your dab-game and wondered what else you could possibly add to top-off your collection? RCC TOOLS has something for every dab enthusiast including custom color themes on marble-ized e-nails to match your favorite rig, animal, sports team…you name it, it’s probably do-able. RCC also takes on custom projects such as these. If you have an idea, or better yet, have an object that you think might be just the right size for e-nail electronics, please use the message form ASAP! Your heady dreams can start as soon as you choose.

Also available: The Homer-Nail along with other custom e-nail cases. Alternatively you can come with your heady idea and make it come to life by sending a message request with more info. about the item that you want to try out as an e-nail enclosure. The DBZ Dragon E-Nail Custom E-Nail is one of many that have been randomly selected by RCC TOOLS, but custom project ideas are always welcome! I’d love to see what heady ideas you have in mind.


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What sets RCC TOOLS apart from other e-nail control box sellers? Take a look at “WHAT SETS RCC TOOLS APART?

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