You have landed at the e-nail dab rig combo set category, where you can find some of the most affordable heady custom e-nails with the best selection of imported glass shipped fast from Portland, Oregon. Dabber tools, heat coils, nails, bangers, and other accessories: get ’em all in one combo! Add-on items are available for any of these dab rig combo setups.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE dab rig? What’s your dream-rig? I am interested to know what you think is the “bees-knees”! Your comments and opinions are valuable to me as well as everyone else who might find use from them through this site.

Still using a torch and wondering what all the hype is about? Here is some information about why e-nails are preferred by many dabbers all over as a more convenient way to heat a nail.

Why choose RCCtools? What sets this company apart from other e-nail companies? How do I know I am purchasing the best e-nail for my money as a beginning dabber?

Which nail do I need? Which heating coil works best with which e-nail? Find out here.

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