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RCCtools designs, paints, & assembles

heady marble-ized e-nail controllers out of Oregon. Each design is guaranteed to be “one-of-a-kind” since each controller cannot be duplicated exactly. This means each controller case is truly as unique as a fingerprint, and sure to mesmerize with it’s complex yet basic natural aesthetic.

Built To Last

The custom enclosure is made using rugged ABS material– just like LEGO uses for their seemingly indestructible toys. I don’t ever remember breaking a LEGO, and that’s because they are more than rock solid with high impact resistance, & also resistant to electrical shock as well as rusting.

Endless color combinations available

The color combinations are chosen either by you, or by my intuition, sometimes inspired by biological and geographical patterns. The “naturally-composed” paint finish that comes out of this unique hydro-dipping process sparks an instinctual recognition of random natural beauty that is carefully balanced with pattern, form, and continuous lines.

RCCtools custom e-nail controllers

marble-ized e-nail controllers are guaranteed to blow you away with their eye-catching psychedelic/natural aesthetic and quality of electronics. Don’t see your ideal color combo? Shoot over a message or just select “custom colors” when ordering. Match your favorite heady dab rig, animal, sports jersey, etc,. The possibilities are practically endless. See an old toy you think would be cool to make into an e-nail? Send pictures and measurements here

Jerry Ferguson"I wanted to buy something made by an entrepreneur here in the states..."

"In my research I stumbled upon the daily leaf article and was overjoyed to find your site again since I wanted to buy something made by an entrepreneur here in the states. I liked a lot of the marbling I saw on your facebook and honestly the coupon made it affordable enough for me to add the custom color order. I really am excited and can't wait to use it,"

Quinn Pittman"By far the most creative E-nails..."

"Hello! I am interested in a large display controller with heater and nail. I like the colors that match the sun, with reds and yellows. By far the most creative E-nails I found while shopping around, so I sent the link to all my friends as well. Thank you! -Quinn"

Alicia Burns"Absolutely would recommend!"

"I purchased my first enail from RCC tools not knowing a whole lot about how they work. I bought the micro blue obsidian enail and it is seriously the best investment I've made. It is compact and barely takes up table space and very simple to use. Now I don't have to use my loud ass torch every time I want to dab. Absolutely would recommend!"


RCCtools has been hard at work creating original heady marble-ized hydro-dipped e-nails since the spring of 2015 & continues to blaze forward in order to bring the best, most functional, and heady dab concentrate products to the market. Along with the main controller products, some great new complimentary accessories and related items are on their way in the last half of 2017!! Sign up for the mailing list for updates on flash monthly sales on the newest items!

Inquiries? Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to contact anytime! —CONTACT

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