Dab Straw Stand

Dab Straw Stand

This 3D printed Nectar Glass Stand helps to keep your honey straw from rolling away from your dab nest. I provide a in a few different available colors to choose from (see picker below). Slab/errl style available upon request. Standard is the style in the other pics.


This dab straw stand was 3D printed in Portland, Oregon for your dabbing convenience. Anyone using a dab straw or nectar straw knows that they like to roll away. The mini style has some features that prevent it from rolling. The other style does roll without a stand, since it is a perfect tube. If you get the larger nectar tube, you definitely want this stand to go along with it. Even with the anti-rolling feet you need to of course elevate the straw off of the table. This is where the dab straw stand comes in handy.

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