Mario Mushroom E-Nail (“Super Mushroom” Version)


Hit that level 710 with your compact heady Mario mushroom e-nail…

The Super Mushroom E-Nail is an original custom e-nail that. Just like the signature marble-ized e-nails, this fun-guy is equipped with some of the fastest, safest, steadiest, and most reliable PID & SSR technology. WARNING: size and perception distortions may occur, as demonstrated in the epic saga of “Mario Bros” ;;;)

  • High-amperage electronics are fuse-protected for safety
  • Minimal overshoot and steady temperature control
  • Heats safely and reliably to 650F within 2 minutes
  • Goes up to 1100F for heat cleaning cycles
  • Standard XLR output so you can easily replace your heating coil later
  • Partially designed & fully assembled in the USA
  • 18 month warranty


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No Attachments – controller & power cord ONLY, controller + 20mm barrel style heat coil, flat style heat coil