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An American e-nail company putting the DAB in afforDABle since 2015 with the most unique functional and awesome gear at the best prices…

RCCtools designs, paints, installs, & tests controllers

RCCtools compact and dual cases are injection molded in the USA. Other custom enclosures are 3D printed or made out of old toys and other found objects. Each marbled design is guaranteed to be “one-of-a-kind” since the factors in the painting process are always slightly different each time. Therefore your controller case is truly one-of-a-kind, and sure to delight.

Built To Last

LEGO uses a rugged ABS plastic as their material of choice to endure the punishment of kids play. Their toys seem practically indestructible! I don’t ever remember breaking a LEGO, and that’s because they are rock solid yet absorb impact. RCCtools chooses ABS over aluminum for this reason to build the compact electronic nail cases. They have high impact resistance, rust resistance, but are also are resistant to electrical shock, which could be important.

Endless color combinations available

The color combinations are chosen by either me or you. The “naturally-composed” paint finish that comes out of this unique hydro-dipping process mirrors the random natural beauty that is seen in the untouched or weathered environment. Each design is carefully balanced with color, pattern, and form. Don’t see your ideal color combo? Shoot over a message or just select “custom colors” when ordering. Match your favorite heady dab rig, animal, sports jersey, etc.

Headiest in Custom American E-Nail Controllers

RCCtools Custom figure and marble-ized e-nail controllers are guaranteed to blow you away with their bold style and useful functionality. Match your favorite heady glass with a custom controller enclosure and a custom glass dab tool with a reasonable production time. Make your heady dreams come true with a enclosure idea from scratch by utilizing 3D printing technology. Your options are sky-high! The possibilities are practically endless. See an old toy you think would be cool to make into an e-nail? Find a cool object that is at least a 3.5″ cube or send in dimensions today. Send pictures and measurements here

An American E-Nail Company:


works to create original heady marble-ized hydro-dipped e-nails and curate/source the best value in electronic dab nail gear. Since 2015 this American e-nail company continues to blaze forward in order to bring the best, most functional heady dab concentrate products to the vaopor ents. Feel free to contact here. with any inquiries, comments, or suggestions you may have!

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