If you are looking at getting a rosin press station going, you will definitely want at least a dual e-nail, or even a triple! Quad e-nails are possible as well– although they are somewhat likely to contribute to a blown fuse in many common wall sockets (too much wattage at once). Dual e-nails aren’t just for rosin pressing, however. Many dabbers like to have more than one dab rig warmed-up at once for group-sessions, private clubs, etc.,. The dual e-nails have two separate XLR ports with temperature controls so two people can dab simultaneously and with different temperatures, if desired. The advantage is that it takes less table space and will be less cluttered than having two separate e-nails sitting next to (or on top) of each other. Same thing with the tripe obviously; but the main advantage with the triple is that you can press rosin and do your dabbing/quality assurance testing at the same time!