Here you can find a variety of affordable, American made, analog e-nail controller sets coming to you from a heady one-off workshop in Portland, Oregon. These rotary dial temperature knobs are able to handle the same amount of power as a digital LED unit; however the difference with these is they are controlled by a simple household light dimmer and therefore do not have the LED screen that shows the exact temperature readout. If you are looking for an upgrade from a butane or propane torch then this is the best cheap e-nail you’ll find for an “affor-DAB-le” price.


Note: these can also be made as “dual controllers” (2-in-1) as well as a number of custom controller caseĀ options. If you are looking for a specific marble color combination or have another request, don’t hesitate to contact! Remember, customs are welcomed here and many options are available to meet your #topshelf needs.

Still using a torch and wondering what all the hype is about? Here is some information about why e-nails are preferred by many dabbers all over as a more convenient way to heat a nail.

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