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How to Keep a Small Dab Rig or Banger Hanger From Tipping Over

By June 21, 2019 No Comments

How to Keep a Small Dab Rig (or Banger Hanger) From Tipping Over

Can I use an e-nail with a small dab rig, mini tube/beaker, banger hanger, etc.,? My rig is really small and is prone to tipping. How do I keep my small dab rig from tipping over when I put the e-nail coil on the nail?

The main thing is to understand how the balance works with your rig. E-nail coils may add a little too much weight to the outside of the rig if the glass does not have a sturdy base. This can also happen if it has a joint which makes the nail extend far outward instead of upward.

The Good News (There is a Way)

The good news is this is usually a simple matter to fix! Most people will naturally point the coil cable away from the rig instead of turning it inward (see diagram). This cases the dab rig to become unbalanced and tip over. Sometimes it may not immediately tip over until something moves it or until it is placed in a position which causes the cord to draw it down. In most cases if you angle the e-nail coil back inwards closer to the rig this will balance things out.

If this doesn’t quite do it you can go a step further and get a $10 “drop down” glass adapter. This can lower the center of gravity so that the nail sits closer to the top of the joint (instead of high up and away from the rig). If the rig has an angled joint it may also help to get a cheap 45 degree adapter (probably male to female 14mm). This will point the nail upwards instead of outwards.

A “drop down” adapter also will allow you to create a “triangular loop” that brings the weight full circle back around towards the mouthpiece and balances the rig perfectly so you need not worry about tipping rigs again! See the picture below to get a better idea of what I am talking about. This is the best way I have found and works surprisingly well.

how to prevent small dab rig from tipping diagram-01

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