Tentacle Dabber Tool: Purpgreen

American Tentacle Dabber Tool:

Go dope sea diving with some heady tentacle dabber tools made by @stillonlyhuman!  RCCtools is proud to offer these heady dab tools in a variety of colors (+custom by request– may take up to 2 weeks extra).

Each glass dabber tool is between 4.5″ and 5″ long & comes in a set with a matching carb cap.


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American Tentacle Dabber Tool

Chaz Mondello hand crafted this tentacle dabber tool from his personal studio. He is an American borosilicate artist who goes by @stillonlyhuman on Instagram. If you love the style of this piece but would love it even more with different colors, you’re in luck! He even does custom color choices. We offer reasonable production times of less than two weeks and fast shipping of 1-3 days from the US. Contact him directly if you wish. I love to support good work and service. He offers some great deals on custom pieces like dab rigs as well, not just dabber tools.

RCCtools dab tool collection:

Tentacle dabber tools are just the tip of the iceberg here at RCCtools! You can find a fine and steadily-growing selection of boro, quartz, Ti, stainless steel dabbers, directional cappers, bubble caps, flat cappers, and more. Many different sizes are available to cap over and most standard dab nails. Which is better: a glass, stainless steel, Ti, ceramic, or quartz dabber tool? Which material of dabber tool is best? Well, as always there are a few that really stand out and between them it depends on your preference and usage style.

Heat Transfer: Dabs Hanging on to the Dab Tool

One thing to note is that heat transfer affects how fast the dab falls off of the tool. If the tool holds more heat (metal compared to glass or quartz), the dab tends to fall off quicker. On the other hand, if the tool holds less heat the dab tends to stick to the tool a little more which can be annoying with #lowtemp dabs.