Tall Dropdown Adapter Fitting (14mm)


Tall Dropdown Adapter Fitting (14mm):

  • The tall dropdown is especially great for keeping the center of gravity in the CENTER of the rig which prevents smaller rigs from tipping over.
  • One side is 14mm Male and the other side is 14mm Female
  • A cheap and handy adapter piece to protect your glass
  • Also helps tremendously with nail removal later on after it accumulates sticky “reclaim” residue





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#1 way to keep your dab rig from tipping over with an e-nail:

Remember Center Balance

First: Make sure your e-nail heating coil is rotated inwards back toward the dab rig rather than pointing away from the center of the dab rig! The “Tall Dropdown” adapter fitting” is especially great for keeping the center of gravity towards the rig which prevents smaller rigs from tipping over. Even with a standard dropdown this will make a huge difference! With the tall dropdown it works even better because the center of gravity is even closer inwards instead of extending out from the rig which some tend to do.

How to Place The Heat Coil Correctly to Prevent Tipping

Start by placing the nail and glass adapter into your dab rig so that the heater coil “handle” rests in between the mouthpiece and the glass adapter. This forms an abstract x-shape between the glass adapter and coil handle (from your perspective). The e-nail heat coil cable is balancing the rig back the same direction that the glass adapter faces to counteract. This way the two parts balance each other out and even a small dab rig has no troubles staying upright with an e-nail heat coil. You’re golden as long as the dropdown does not tend to slide around in the joint and is the right style for your rig.

On the Other Extreme

If a longer drop-down glass adapter extends too far out from the rig however it may make the problem even worse. This could cause some frustrating issues or even a serious fire hazard! These longer dropdowns are really only suitable for mid-large size rigs with heavier bases. Of course always be careful with electronic heating controllers that are powered on continuously. Make sure that the dab rig always stays safe and that connected cables are safe from being pulled on, yanked, or tripped over.


Additional information

Dimensions1 × 1 × 5 in
Joint fitting on nail

Male 14mm, Female 14mm