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Slimer Ghostbusters Enail –

The Slimer Ghostbusters Enail is an original, top-shelf, USA designed & assembled custom e-nail. Just like the signature marble-ized e-nails, this crazy guy is equipped with some of the fastest, safest, steadiest, and most reliable PID tech. available today!

    • Cassic Ghostbusters Slimer figure for the heady collector
    • Steady and reliable temperature controller appropriate for ranges between 100F-1100F
    • High-wattage AC electronics are fuse-protected for safety
    • Heats safely and reliably to 650F within 2 minutes
    • Standard XLR output so you can easily replace your coil
    • Minimal overshoot and steady temp. control
    • 18 month warranty included for each controller

    ***XLR heating coil pin configuration (“standard”): pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=tc+, pin4=tc-, pin5=ground (where pin 1 starts at the 2-o’-clock position and 5 is at ten-o’-clock)***

    An e-nail is perfected for either larger sustained dabs, shorter multi-sessions, or even one-off’s! No need to tune or calibrate– each controller is set for 710, algorithms are set, and ready to #stopdropandglob or your friendly #terptaster

    What sets RCCtools apart from other custom enail controller companies? Take a look at “WHAT SETS RCC TOOLS APART?

    If you still are not quite sure what advantages an e-nail has over a torch check out this blog post detailing just a few of the most significant points.






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The Slimer Ghostbusters enail is a legendary original RCCtools dab temp. controller that not only has a proven and reliable electronics system installed in America and warrantied for 18 months, but also an amazing heady piece that is sure to amuse as well as add value to your collection case!

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