Sai TAF Mod Deluxe Set


Atomizer Specs:

  • A well known superior choice (very popular in the forums and elsewhere) for portable dabbing
  • Bucket heating surface and coil are separated for a smoother and more flavorful vaping experience that is easier to maintain
  • Air flows across the top of the bucket (and some through the bottom) rather than below/across the coil
  • Top and bottom air mixtures can be can each be adjusted from open to almost completely closed
  • Ceramic heating coil is isolated from the concentrate which also increases coil lifespan as well clearer flavors
  • Temperature control mode on Ni setting is recommended on the KBOX200 for this atomizer (works very well around 220F)
  • Standard 510 thread fitting
  • English instruction booklet included
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

KBOX200 Specs:

  • 7-200W output range
  • Intelligently uses about 30-50W to power the Sai Top Airflow
  • Two 18650 batteries required (sold separately)
  • Double battery capacity means longevity for many sessions without a re-charge
  • 0.05 ohm and above resistance for use with other atomizers and e-juice tanks
  • Temperature Control : Ni / Ti / SS / NiCr
  • Micro USB port for emergency charging (slower charging than using an actual external charger)
  • Spring loaded standard 510 connection
  • White color helps hide inevitable scuff marks
  • Silicon covers and skins are widely available for customization and protection
  • English manual included

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Is the Sai TAF the closest it gets to a reliable and portable e-nail?

Which is better for concentrates? An e-pen or an e-nail? I always thought that there was no way a pen could ever really be a match for e-nails over a longer period of usage. All of those cheap basic atomizers end up collecting so much gunk after a couple of weeks that they impart a burnt taste into the product and make for a harsh and probably much more unhealthy dab. It seemed if I wanted to keep using these pens that I would need to buy cases of atomizers to make it “practical”– which didn’t seem practical at all. So I left the pens to only rare occasions when out and about and affirmed to myself that the e-nail was still my go-to and that portable dabs weren’t really as important to me in the first place since I’m pretty much always in the “happy lab” working on one project or another. Then one day I hear about this Saionara atomizer and I look it up only to find rave reviews all around (even when accounting for shills, marketers, etc.,). So I decide to try one out. Long story short: my view has definitely changed on e-pens and vape mods. I still think that an e-nail is the way to go for water filtration and fuller rips that grab a “higher” range of cannabinoids but that the mods can actually deliver a much more flavorful experience at the low ranges. Don’t get me wrong– you can definitely get some stupidly huge rips with this; but half-gram dabs will prove to be disappointing if that’s your thing!



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