Ruby Insert (19mm)

Ruby Insert (19mm)

It doesn’t get much more #topshelf than this! Red crystal corundum is a lab grown version of ruby discovered in nature. It features a hard surface, but can be cracked very easily. This is one of the rarest heady gems available for dabbing. This red crystal corundum is lab grown for consistency. In nature, the crystalline structure forms less consistently, making the material more prone to cracking under thermal expansion. The red ruby insert is just about as far as you want to go down the dab rabbit hole of premium dab surfaces.

  • Specs and Info:
    • Ruby insert only
    • Lab Grown for Purity and Consistency
    • 19mm outside dia.
    • Use with a 25mm or 30mm banger (not included)

    • Care and Maintenance:
    • Do not heat directly
    • Do not wet while hot
    • Recommended under 600F
    • Message for detailed care instructions (you are liable for any breakage!)

    • This is just about as far as you want to go down the dab rabbit hole of premium dab surfaces, unless you are trying to burn through some money as quickly as possible on sapphire. They both can break fairly easily if the proper care and procedures are not followed (see below). If you are accident prone or tend towards carelessness, I highly recommend the SiC banger insert.


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    Precious Gemstone #Dabtech

    This ruby insert might be the hidden gem you are looking for to unlock the next dab level in your game (:

    Definitely check out this heady insert if you are using straight quartz and are on a#dailydabbing routine. These corundum crystals are formed in a lab to mimic the natural crystalline structure of ruby, except with a much higher purity and precision than typically found in nature. Ruby compares very closely to sapphire and SiC in terms of material properties and dab experience. This particular insert is designed to be one of the most premium dab surfaces known to man, yet still within reach of the average #dailydabber. I bet you’re wondering what in the blazes is corundum?

    The scientific term for the mineral mix that is needed to grow ruby crystals in a lab is what I am referring to. Gemstone hunters and collectors might be more familiar with the term corundum. It is a general term used to describe the exact mineral mix. The surface is very resistant to scratches and stains due to it’s diamond-like hardness. Because of this, a ruby insert makes for easy cleaning and tasty dabs! Having a cleaner surface no a regular basis also helps bring out the full flavor of your dabs.

    To Ruby Insert? Or To Not Ruby Insert? That Is The Question.

    Which is best? Sapphire, Ruby, or SiC? In my opinion, SiC is the overall champion, although honestly I haven’t even tried sapphire. I would like to, but the reviews are overwhelmingly underwhelming for how much it costs (and ease of break-age). Ruby is just a touch nicer than SiC, but really it’s more about the looks for me. Ruby is easier to detect anything that you need to clean, if you are vigilant about that. It is, however so much easier to break than SiC.

    Are you still wondering why the heck anyone would take the extra step to insert an insert and make things more complicated? I was too, don’t feel bad. An insert helps keep your banger cleaner since you don’t have to clean the whole banger itself so much. This ruby insert especially shaves off a lot of cleaning time, since it naturally resists any staining on it’s surface. Another bonus is that it contains the dab within the hottest part of the nail instead of allowing it to climb up the cooler side walls.

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