Thick Replacement Banger (Only) (20mm)


Thick Replacement Banger: (20mm)

  • 14mm male fitting (fits 14mm female rigs)
  • Fits standard 20mm barrel e-nail heating coils
  • Only fits axial coils (must not be too tall)
  • Improved heat retention and flavor compared to Ti
  • Durability is better compared to boro (standard glass)
  • Imported quartz shipped from the USA

$23.99 $16.99

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Thick Quartz

This thick 20mm replacement banger fits standard 20mm e-nail heating coils with improved heat retention and flavor compared to Ti yet better durability than borosilicate. This thick Replacement Banger has an OD of 20mm and a thickness of 4mm for extra heat retention and even heating. Thicker walls facilitate a more even distribution of heat. The heater retention is increased along with the time it takes to transfer the heat fully to the dab.

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