Q-Tip Holder : Pixel Structure

 Q-Tip Holder : Pixel Structure

This heady q-tip holder was designed with an “8-bit” pixellated effect. Video game and architectural form are both merged into one heady q-tip holder…

  • Holds around 40 tips
  • Designed & 3D Printed in Portland, Oregon
  • PLA plastic renewed from sugar processing facilities– up-cycled and compost-able!


Get Pixelated

Get pixelated and stay heady fresh with a q-tip holder to keep your tips within reach. This holder device features sleek and stylish lines with color options to match your taste. The sci-fi vibe of this one might go well with movie e-nails such as the TARDIS.


Only YOU can prevent quartz residue! Make a cheap Q-Tip holder by removing the top from a common pop-top cannabis dispensary container. That being said, for those with some extra budget and style, this 3D printed q-tip holder is a great #topshelf option to prevent “chazzed” bangers. The pixelated q-tip holder was modeled and printed in the RCCtools underground lair in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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