Proton Pack Enail: Dual Unit Setup

Proton Pack Enail: Dual Unit Setup


  • Cut & assembled in the USA with imported electronics
  • Keeps your nail heated consistently and conveniently
  • High wattage electronics are protected with a “fast blow” fuse
  • Strong, rugged, shock-resistant plastic enclosure
  • Standard wiring and XLR heating coil plug (different wiring by request)
  • Free 2-year warranty on each and e-nail controller

*Custom wiring order can be done by request for your heating coil if you already have one you want to use


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Dual E-Nail Controller Applications

The most common use for a dual enail is for rosin pressing; followed by the use of two dab rigs at once. It’s just more handy to have two controllers in one instead of two standard controllers for each rosin press plate. Both “platens” are then controlled by two separate heat coils, and with two separate temperature settings. The top plate may be set slightly lower than the bottom plate to compensate for rising heat that comes from the bottom.

If you are looking for a press or plates, here are some of the top companies for press platens:

Multi User Dab Sessions:

Another great use for an dual e-nail controller is multi-user dab sessions. Some dabbers like the ability to use two rigs at once for when multiple people are in the session. Different temperatures for different nails means each person can glob on their preferences, according to the each particular concentrate type. Set aside one rig for your waxy concentrate and one for a saucy extract containing less lipids and more terps. Maybe you and a dab partner have individual preferences or want to use your rigs both at the same time. The dual e-nail controller is perfect for this.

Rosin Pressing:

If you are new to rosin you might need a dual e-nail controller, depending on if you want to go straight for a professional grade press (I would) or if you want to try something more like a portable rosin press. When pressing rosin with an arbor press (where two separate plates are controlled by two separate heat coils) you need two separate temperature controllers.

E-Nail Vs. Dual E-Nail: What’s The Difference?

Not a dumb question at all! You want to make sure there are no other differences. Each custom dual e-nail features the same electronics as the single compact models, only with twice the fun in a bigger shell. So really the only difference between buying two standard e-nails and two of these is that you don’t have to carry two separate e-nails around. All-in-all, they function exactly the same. Available now are dual e-nail controllers as well as triple-nails. Quad-nails available by request only.

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