Peli Case and Nectar Enail Setup

Peli Case and Nectar Enail Setup:

  • This set includes the enail controller, a fat nectar bubbler, a secured Ti nail, nectar heating coil, 3D printed base/stand, and glass dab dish all inside one weatherproof, shock resistant, protective case
  • E-nail controller and heat coil sold separately ((please contact combined shipping) if your combo is not available!)
  • Secured e-nectar tip keeps the heat coil from sliding off
  • This nectar kit includes a 3D printed dab straw stand to hold your nectar glass. This is a handy place to let your nail cool down after use, as long as the cord is safe.


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Weatherproof Case Options

The glass, tip, and heat coil can all easily fit inside of a standard Peli case. Check out the weatherproof case combos available here. I have started shipping these nectar combo kits complete with transporting cases, stands, and other accessories. The cases are totally in-tact and NOT cut for electronics, because that’s a waste of a weatherproof case. That being said, please put in a request if you would like custom colors or marble dipping, that can certainly be done for you! Battery packs are also possible with DC/AC inversion to power an enail for quite a while away from an outlet. Message for details

Dabbers Traveler Kit

The peli nectar enail package is your “daily driver” if you are a daily driver and on the road often. You need a more portable dabbing solution yet also need more “fire-power” than a “e-pen” or “e-rig”. Keep your nectar collector glass safe inside a weatherproof case along with a full enail setup for true portable dabbing on the go. Adjust pick and pluck foam as needed for your extra gear. The pre plucked configuration allows for a snug fit, and ample room for everything in this set, and even a little more. This case is not Pelican brand, but basically the same weatherproof, rugged case meant for camera gear, guns, etc. This setup even has some extra space for some glass dabber tools, concentrate, or other dabbing gear that you may want to pack along with your nectar enail.

Secured Nectar Collector Fastening Tip

This setup is secure in more than one way. In addition to the weatherproof, impact-resistant case, the peli nectar enail setup kit also includes a secured Ti nail which keeps the nectar heat coil in place. The secured tip screws on and off to attach to the Ti nail and keep your heating coil in the right place. Many dabbers won’t have issues often with the standard tip falling off, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry! I highly recommend this for those who may be accident prone. Just fasten the secured tip over the Ti nail to keep your heating coil in place and keep it from falling off mid-session. The larger glass straw looks like it might need a clip to hold the tip in the glass, but it actually is extremely snug without, due to the perfectly fitted ground glass joint which couples right up with the nectar tip. Get peace of mind by ensuring your nectar collector enail setup is safe from big fire hazards.

Multi-user Sessions:

Stuff a glob in that dish and bring a friend! A nectar “dab straw” is optimal for multi-user sessions. A nectar collector enail is especially useful for group sessions. It’s also great for single user sessions over a long duration. The electrically heated tip delivers steady heat to your slabs compared to using a torch which allows the nail to cool down. So go slab happy with those slabs and throw on on the chopping block! Stuff a glob in that dish and bring a friend or ten! If you have an event coming up, you will want to make sure you have a good stand for your nectar setup, along with your transport case. Display your glass and keep your glass from rolling around on the table with a 3D printed stand. A nectar collector enail delivers consistent heat to the Ti tip. By contrast, a torch allows the nail to cool down after the heat is applied.

Optimal Water Filtration:

Other portable solutions may lack the water filtration that you desire. I find that having a minimal amount of water filtration brings me a wider flavor profile. Yet too much water and air mixture may suck the life out of your dab. This is because terpenes are mostly water soluble. Terpenes are the main flavor component in cannabis, therefore water filtration can also filter flavor significantly. You need to find your own preferred balance between cutting the edge off with filtration and desired flavor.

Portable Dabs: The Nectar Collector Enail Kit

The nectar collector kit is a go-to daily driver for daily dabbers on the go. You may be looking for a more portable dabbing solution yet need more “fire-power” than a typical portable dabbing setup. The straight form-factor of this fat dab straw allows for easy transport in a portable case or similar brand.


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