30mm Opaque Banger w/ Cotter Pin Fastener (Only)

30mm Opaque Banger w/ Cotter Pin Fastener (Only)

  • Includes 30mm banger with opaque bottom (and cotter pin) for those killer #meltshots
  • The heat coil is not included! They areavailable here)


Availability: Available on backorder

Difference Between Opaque Banger and Clear

Some say that the opaque banger has a noticeable difference in heat retention. They say that it holds more heat. One thing is for sure, and that’s the texture difference. The texture difference is real and prodvides extra peaks and valleys, which aid in heating the oils. Some hate it because it’s harder to clean, while some love it for the performance and the ease of shooting melt shots against an opaque backdrop. Cleaning the tiny divots might prove to be slightly more difficult; although they are not very deep and, all very reachable. These divots help to create small differences in the surface, where the dab can start to nucleate and boil off easier than with a flat surface.

For Dabstagram Melt Shots

Dabstagrammers love the opaque backdrop for meltshots! The camera focuses much better and has more light reflection to work with on an opaque surface compared to a clear dab surface.

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