Fastened Ti Nectar Tip (Only)

Fastened Ti Nectar Tip (Only):

The combination of and e-nail with a nectar collector means endless draws for multi-user and long-duration sessions. Great for controlled temperature and avoiding excess heating of unused concentrates within the nectar dish.

  • Steady and secure Ti nectar tip
  • Fits 14mm glass joints/10mm ID barrel heat coils
  • Pair with E-nail controller provide convenient and constant electric heat for your nectar tip
  • E-nail heating also helps to preserve the nail by never needing to heat to red hot


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This nectar collector tip is made for 10mm ID e-nail coils and features a screw-cap on the end. This ensures that your heating coil will always stay right on the tip. The heat coil never has a chance to escape until you of course let it cool and unscrew to release. If you are looking for a cartoon themed e-nail controller to pair with your nectar collector set, you are at the right place! Feel free to check out the wide selection of custom American e-nail such as: the Homer-Nail and others.

Send over a message request with some brief information about the item or heady idea that you have in mind! If you have an idea, or better yet, have an object that you think might be just the right size for e-nail electronics, please use the message form. Your heady dreams can start as soon as today! I’d love to see what heady ideas you have in mind.

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