Hybrid Quartz Ti Nail & Coil

Hybrid Quartz Ti Nail & Coil

  • The Hybrid Ti/Quartz Nail features a quartz dish on top of a durable titanium base
  • Great balance between durability, adaptability, flavor, and overall value
  • Fits flat e-nail heating coils (not barrel style)
  • Fits almost all 10mm-18mm glass joints
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds: durability & adaptability of Ti coupled with a quartz dish surface


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Enjoy the best of both worlds – the durability and size-adaptability of Ti coupled with the superior flavor of quartz (over full Ti nails, quartz, ceramic, and boro).

Quartz is a crystal that is much more difficult to produce than borosilicate glass. It has superior heat transfer and retention qualities as well as some very interesting electrical properties (including the vibration in your pocket when someone sends you a text). Applied to #dabtech, a hybrid quartz ti nail makes an excellent dab nail which tends to hold heat a bit longer than titanium does. The preferences of quartz over Ti – or vice versa -is a debatable topic. Ti and Quartz are very close functionally, although there are noticeable differences that may suit different dabbers’ needs.

For example, quartz seems to take a bit longer to heat up than Ti, but once it does it also seems to hold that heat for a longer duration. If you like a lower temperature it may be harder to hit the right “window” of time on a Ti nail since it cools down a little quicker. This is why a majority of the time you will end up getting a really “hot and hurty” dab on a Ti nail with a torch– because you have to heat it up really hot in order to hit that window before it starts cooling and pooling too fast. By that time your concentrate becomes somewhat un-dabbable dark puddle that starts to creep into and chaz-up the corner of the dab nail. On the other hand, it’s sometimes easy to under-heat a quartz nail and miss the window right out of the gate– or over-heat to make sure then wait so long you forget about the window until it’s too late!

Of course with a hybrid quartz ti nail on an e-nail (rather than a torch) timing is not as much of an issue, since cool-down mishaps are completely eliminated with the constant electric heat source keeping things nice-n’-roasty-n’-toasty. If you have purchased or are planning on purchasing an electric nail controller, the main consideration becomes durability. Are you prone to accidents and damages? If so, you might want to go with something like titanium or silicon carbide, which are much more durable and suitable for your needs.

(Also, you should of course understand all of the risks involved with having the ability to leave a hot nail sitting on your desk for extended periods of time!)

There are also flavor considerations. Some prefer the flavor of quartz, some prefer Ti. Again I think this mostly relates to how temperature affects the flavor experience; but of course the dab surface itself also plays a factor somewhat.

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